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  • One, Podds, Leith is sort of like Crocknorth and Combe put together. Or maybe like Ranmore coming up. It's a grinder but I can still talk going up it.

    Two, I am out of this. I spent 14 hours in atrial fibrillation a couple of days ago. That's now 4 episodes in as many months though this was the longest. I am wiped out and it seems to be triggered by food. I have also lost nearly a stone and a half coz I seem to have gone off me grub for some reasonimage. Twice it was after a run too. Anyway, long anything is completely out.

    I've got a specialist appointment next Thurs and I am going to see if I can get an ablation sorted or summat. This just isn't funny any more.

    I've got a taker for my place but not for my London to Brighton ride ticket, so if you want a number....

    Anyway, good luck whoever is still going.


  • image that completely sucks DB hope the specialist can sort it out quicksmart!

  • Cheers SBC and note to SS, you can cancel up to the day before, you forfeit this years entry fee and then you get a note in October inviting you to sign up for next year, at which point, the entry fee is payable for next year. Double check with them but that is my understanding.

    I was going to go down that route but I am not going to bother now, one step at a time. 

  • Crikey Dusty!  Hope you sort it and are back to your usual self soon.  

    I loved your description 'It's a grinder, but I can still talk ...'!!  Are there many that you can't talk going up?  And being a stone and half lighter will improve your climbing further won't it?!!  image

  • I can't talk up BarHatch, or Whitedown. At the moment, I probably couldn't talk going over a hump back bridgeimage

  • Oh Dustboy that is just b*llox news - you really have had a pretty carp year since Outlaw haven't you image

    I shall miss you on this ride image

    Thanks for the info on Leith Hill btw - sounds like it may be a 50:50 job as to whether I make it up as my training for the whole thing has been just awful for various reasons and I only have 7 weeks now to make it from some gentle 30 milers to this 100 miler including those hills.......  But I intend to enjoy it all the same image

  • Podds,next weekend, nice little 55 round the Chilterns ... could help?   image

  • I have bad memories of the Chilterns after last year's Chiltern 100 (or whatever the middle distance was that I did!!) - beautiful day and well organised etc but lumpy as anything!

    Good pushing practice though.....image

  • Chiltern 100 is tomorrow, this is another one next week ...

    Dusty, hope you get yourself sorted mate or we'll send Barlos round for a bedbath

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Dusty, hope you get yourself sorted mate or we'll send Barlos round for a bedbath

    Was that the sound of the cash register as Dusty goes 'Private'?

  • I don't want to think about Dusty's privates...image

  • Nor do I at this time of the morning thank you very much

  • ... or any time, just for clarification

  • Nearly dropped yourself in it there Melds image

  • **Boing**

    There should be a few start times floating around now, part of me is now dreading this, I hvae images of london marathon on a bike .. !!

    Now. who offered accommodation??   image

  • Well, I have my number, start time (just before 8 am) and everything else but if my stand in doesn't make it, which I should know in a few days, there is a spare place going if you can get past the ID police.

    Sorry Melds, I cancelled my hotel, so you can't even have that! But at least I got forty quid back. Lost the rest methinks.


  • We've only got 2 in the back of an escort van so far, facilities are dependant on where we park it, I think breakfast is thrown in, again dependant on location, it could either be a full English or a forecourt pasty image

  • Don't think I'm going to make it image

    With only one 45'ish mile long ride, the last month no training at all and only 2 1/2 weeks to go with a week's non biking holiday included I suspect it would be somewhat unenjoyable - buggrit

  • maison d'OC.....?

    I have a bloody early start time image   although its later than Outlaw image


  • Just saw the thread - I'm in also, anyone doing a run after?image

  • I'm swimming the Thames before image

  • DB, you have mail.

  • I think my start time is about 7.30

    I am not sure if that means I was overly optimistic about my times a year ago .. !!

    OC, whereabouts are you again?

  • leytonstone... 2 miles / 10 min pootle from the start

  • If its in order can you put me on the guest list Mr OC image

  • It is in order - the elite are starting at 6 and one of myfriends has a start time of 6.15, she's bricking it as she thinks she must have been really optimistic.

    Noticed yesterday that the mobile traffic signs are out already for the road closures in the Surrey HIlls for this.

  • Don't say the "H" word image

  • cool - you in meldy.

    PMme and we can sort logistics - ie you driving down or train the day before etc etc

  • Cheers mucker ... once I get 5 mins away from *this* computer I will  image

  • I've decided that I don't want to split my focus from the HM in Sept so am going to defer to next year.  Good luck and good beer to all taking part image

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