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  • I've deferred as well. Just not the right thing for me to be doing this year. However in the vein of don't give up I'm doing the Suffolk Coast 60 that day instead, with friends and we're determined to average 15mph or more. image

  • So those that are still doing it... what is your start time? And is there flexibility to allow friends to ride en masse?

    6.25 am
    Goblin Princess


  • I've obviously been over enthusiastic or they need a laugh on The Mall but my start time is 7.2* ...

    hoping to be able to ride with someone (I know) for company !

  • Mines 7am or there abouts might be 7.10 I'm not very good at getting to events on time, Ive got the letter somewhere...............

  • My start time is 6.28 to be precise.   My friend is 6.54 and I know they are being a pain with starting in different waves as I emailed them.  So I am just going to loiter with intent before crossing the timing mat I think, as are many others.  

  • Saffer .. did you ask them specifically about changing start times ?

  • I did yes.  Took a couple of weeks for them to reply that it was too late to alter start times and I must start in my own wave. image  I'm not impressed LOL 

  • FF, have PM'd you.

  • Dusty boy image  How the devil are you ?

  • Looking through the emails for this and it mentioned coloured start points.   I can't seem to find any email which tells me the colour, whether black or blue.  Anyone help me out as to where I should see this information?  Thanks,

  • Nope... probably find out at registration?

    OC, if you look in I mailed you the other day  image

  • Thanks, wasn't sure if it were me just not seeing it.image

  • Just found the email, it says there's a black and a blue start at QEOP but no info on which one, I've got a load time and some other time but my start time is 7.14

  • Hello dear. Trickling along. Hoping to be back to do battle again next year. And to nail your club tri. Needs better cheeseburgers though!!!

    I couldn't make sense of the black & blue stuff either.



  • Anyone up there registering thu or fri evenings fancy a beer? I will be up one of those evenings I guess!

  • Saturday afternoon for me

    Gladys, whats your start time ??

  • Saturday for me too, probably be a last minute panic image

  • I'm working Friday late shift so it will be a Saturday afternoon for me

    Anyone else been a bit optimistic with their times and have a 7.30ish start??  I am looking for some company  image

  • M...eldy 7:30 is fine, don't worry!  I have 6:25 and Gladys will tell you I struggle with an incline longer or higher than a railway bridge.  Massive delusions of grandeur.  Not looking forward to getting up at 4:30.  Looking forward immensely to having cake for breakfast!

  • I just want to find some  company at my pace ..    image

  • SO....how fast does a broomstick go then?image


  • Im really interested to hear how this goes, I just cant fathom how theyre going to run the event with 20,000 cyclists starting across 2 hours?  For those taking part I hope its not bottleneck central.

  • Me neither Barlos ... time will tell !

    I think we calculated that over the start waves on two starts it was something like 500 people every 5 mins

  • Dustboy ... say your goodbyes   image

  • I'm off at 6.25am. I did try and start a starting time list earlier but everyone feckin' ignored it because i'm not the List Fairy image

    I'd like to think I could do this in about 6 hours? I have a 6.20 IM time (when I was fitter, for sure) but this will be closed road, peleton riding, and 12 miles shorter.

    Have you all remembered to take your tri bars off?!

    The first couple of hours of the ride should be quite quick I would have thought? 


  • 6 hours sounds feasible if you get a clear run ? Fingers crossed !
  • How wide are the roads, I calculate 166 people starting each minute, in order to get the 20,000across 2 hours?

    Assuming there will be a fair few newbie riders who guessed their overall time im thinking getting a clear run is rather optomistic.

  • When is everyone going to the excel?

  • But they are not starting every minute Barlos ...

    FF Saturday pm sometime

    Havent read any rules as yet, does it say to remve tri bars ??  Yes, yes I know ... mine are just there for decoration

  • Decoration? Nah, flight controllers. Sure you will absolutely fly round. (Ducks the other way)image

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