The running worlds equivalent of an Austin Alegro!


I'm in my late 40, about 2 stone over weight, suffer with arthritic big toe joints and have had 4 operations on my back. Dospite this I'm going to give running another go. I say another go, because I did it for about 2 months last year and lovedit, but the pain in my shins was indescribable. I wasn't using proper running shoes, just regular trainers as I couldn't afford to buy any proper stuff. So the good news is, now I can! But what?....

I run neutral apparently, I have relatively high arches, but I am heavy on my feet... always have been, even when I weighed a healthy weight. So please can I ask, is cushioned the way forward for me, or motion control? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this x


  • Hi Christine

    Welcome to the forum, do you have a specialist running shop nearby? It is worthwhile getting them to check your gait and let you know which running shoes are suitable for you. As a neutral runner you shouldn't need motion control shoes, I'm neutral and am fine using New Balance 880's, this is my personal preference not a recomendation. I became a NB fan many years ago when I bought a pair of football boots which turned out to be the best, and most comfortable, pair I've ever had.

    Let us know how you get on.

     BTW, if you're an Austin Allegro I'm a Vauxhall Viva!

  • Thank you for commenting Gary. I'll take a trip to a Specialist shop and see what they say. 


    p.s. We are both "great" British classics! image

  • I bet you are both Ford Capri's that are just in need of a good service and a bit of a run in image

  • Thanks for the encouragement "booktrunk" x


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