Where did that come from !

Went for a short run yesterday nothing to taxing,but as I went to bed this almighty

pain developed in my left foot , was very tender to touch more so on the outside of the foot tried icing elevation painkillers but to no effect.Then had 4hrs of twisting and turning but then as quickly as it had started the pain went down to a dull ache , still tender to touch and to put weight on but no way as bad as during the night. Anyone had a similar problem and what was the outcome would really like to avoid this happening again .


  • Sometimes tendon damage can go unnoticed when it first happens because the tendon is warmed up.  Unfortunately, the tendon can keep working even after significant damage happens, the pain starts later.  Anti-inflammatories (up to a point of course), ice and elevation are the way to go but a visit to a good sports physio recommended.

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