Shin Splints


I'm looking for help, I'm doing a 10K in Glasgow in May this year and I'm going from couch to 10k at the age of 46.  My problem is shin splints, I've been on web sights and all the pictures don't appear to be where I get the pain. My shin splints on both legs are at the outside of my calf so not too sure if it is shin splints. The pain and burning is hindering my progress really badly. Please if anyone can help exercisers or somewhere to but good trainers, I live about 90 minutes from Glasgow this is my nearest city, I would much appreciate it.


  • Good running shops in Glasgow - Achilles Heel at Hillhead, Run4It in Tiso at Townhead (go Fri Sat Sun and ask for Don, he's the shoe fitting expert there), Sweatshop at Anniesland. There are others which are probably good but these are the three I've used and can recommend.

    If you want a decent chat and to just pick their brains for general advice and reassurance etc, don't go Friday or Saturday mid-afternoon as you're more likely to be seen to by less experienced young Saturday workers who are run off their feet busy and don't have a lot of time to spend on each customer. Best to go through the week early morning when it's quiet. Sometimes when I've done that I've had two or three members of staff all joining in trying to help me out with stuff...

    Sounds like what you're describing may not be shin splints at all. If you're totally new to exercise, it might just be sore muscles, which would be normal. Again, shop staff should be able to help yuo out. If you've been running in unsuitable trainers up to now, that could well be what's causing the problem.

    Good luck with your first 10K. You'll love the event, it really is amazing. I've done it every year for the last 10+ years and wouldn't miss it for the world... image

  • Sounds like it could be a touch of peroneal tendonitis, fairly common in new runners and usually associated with 'too much too soon,' but best to get a professional diagnosis. Also sometimes associated with the 'wrong shoe for the runner,' and as rwd suggests talk to the experts in footwear. Personally, I go to 'Up and Running' where they can analyse your gait on a treadmill. Often the pain subsides when the runner backs off from the mileage/speed and progresses in a more sensible manner. With 3 months to go until May, you should have time to sort this one out...with a little patience and advice.

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