Running watch recommendations

I am looking at getting a watch for running. I want to spend under ??100. I would like one that shows current pace as well as average pace. Garmin forerunner 10 looks good so far. Any one got this? Anyone got any other recommendations? Thanks


  • spend slightly over £100 and get the garmin 110, this is the first watch I used and it's great value for money!

  • Spend £136 and get one of these (hopefully this doesn't reignite the 'bezel' thing again; they work fine if used properly).

  • displays a good range of heart rate monitors all broken down in to activities or brands. All link to Amazon where you can buy with your own account.

    The Garmin Forerunners have built in GPS which really helps as you can also see how far you have run not just how fast.

    Some of the Polar and Suunto watches can be used with a foot pod to record distance, but they are usually an extra. You could go for one of these as a cheaper option and upgrade later, if you feel you want to know distance as well.

  • Thanks. I really want one that shows average pace as well as current pace. Seems the garmin 110 just does average. Is that correct? Does the forerunner10 do both?
  • Just current, no lap or average pace.
  • Get a 205 or 305 garmin. Does all you need and you can upgrade it with an hrm later when you're more flush.
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    The Garmin FR70 does current and average, plus laps (including auto lap) but it requires a foot pod and doesn't have GPS. HRM is an optional extra.
  • I put 'er Indoors 205 on a popular auction site last night, and was surprised to see people selling them for £160 upwards.  One seller was even selling one with a heart rate strap!

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    DF3 -- What are you thoughts on these new fangled touch screen devices? Why is it better to flick a screen than to press a button?
  • Thanks. Does the forerunner 10 require a footpod?
  • Lizzie, the Forerunner 10 doesn't need and in fact can't work with a footpod or heart rate monitor.  If you think you might want to add these abilities in the future, then you'd need to go up the Garmin range to the 110 for the HRM and to at least the 210 for footpod capability as well.  I pulled the details of Garmin's running watch range onto one page - it took a bit of scratching around:

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