Garmin 405

My Garmin is dead!  Can anyone suggest how I get the battery replaced?



  • Hi,

    The battery is soldered in place and the back plate on the watch has a security screw so it would have to go back to Garmin.

    This link will take you to the page on Garmins website where you can request a repair

    Is it actually dead orjust running down quickly? I understand that there were some firmware updates in the past, as the watch was showing a low amount of battery life when it was actually OK. 

    Or it could be a good excuse to buy a new watch shows a good range you can buy from their site and use your Amazon account

  • I would send it to Garmin 

    I think it costs around £20 for small repairs etc but you can contact through the link and they'll help you. Their customer service was excellent when I had a similar problem with an old forerunner.

  • HRHB, what are the odds??? Now get back to our thread immediately!

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