Hi people, I competed in the Brighton half marathon last year and was pleasantly surprised with the itab option on my medal. For those of you who don't know they offer a small plate that fits in a space on your medal that is engraved with your name and finishing time. Why don't more race organisers offer this? It's a great way to make your medals more personal. Anyone who knows any race organisers, please guys put them onto for more information. It's a US site, but mine arrived within two days of ordering. They currently offer plates for over 200 races world wide.


  • But I can remember my own name, and my finish time if it's significant. 

    If I haven't done as well as I hoped, then I don't need to be reminded of it (and pay for the privilege).


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    What she said! If I run well I never forget the time.
  • My business has all the equipment to engrave my tags, or produce tabs to stick on the back of my medals. However, I can't say I look at the medals after race day.

    It's maybe useful for the likes of Paul Ryans who 'forgot' his marathon time wasn't sub3 during the US VP nominees campaign. Hopefully he now has an itab stuck to his eyelid to avoid further gaffs

  • Don't Bother!


    I've seen iTab advertised a lot over recent years. I thought I'd give it a go when I entered the Perkins Great Eastern Run. It was an optional extra (at £6) in the application process and I was feeling positive so I gave it a go!


    I now wish I'd listened to my head (who thought,"£6 is expensive for a sticker!") rather than my heart (who thought, "try something new!").


    Nearly 2 months later I've still not received my iTab. I've not had any correspondence from iTab. And all I get from Perkins Great Eastern Run is that it's not their problem and I should email or phone someone else connected with iTab - Thanks GER!


    I've since entered other half marathons and avoided the iTab option

  • I got an itab for my first ever marathon medal. Massively over priced. Did it in 3:45:21 and I didn't need to look at my medal to find that out. Like others have said you remember the important ones. Although when I die and my grand kids are checking my medals out they might like to know! 

  • Yeah, I opted for one for the Ealing half as I hadn't seen that option before and thought, well, why not? As it happens, it's still my PB so I don't regret it but of course, I remember my PB without looking at the medal.

    Not sure I'd bother again. Maybe for a special race, but otherwise, nah.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    Serpie LFOTM 5k. PB but only by 5secs. Felt stuck in 3rd gear
  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    never bothered with it
  • as they say on 'Dragons Den' .....

    "I'm Out"

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Loch Ness had a tent this year where you could order them after the event.  Great if you do an unexpected 2:59:59 - but not sure I'd be shelling out beforehand. What if you DNS/DNF'd?  Do you get a refund?


  • My iTab arrived today for a race I did on 29 November. It was included in the entry fee. It looks nice enough and I do like medals but I wouldn't pay an extra £6 for it. 

    I think this is the way to go for add-ons like iTabs or race photography: if you're going to have them, include them in the overall cost and let the punters decide if they want a bells and whistles event or a bare bones one.

    The race was the Mapledurham 10, near Reading. 10K for £20 or 10 miles for £25, incl the iTab afterwards by post and download as many of the race photos as you like. Seems fair enough to me.

    I wasn't in any of the race photos but since I usually look as if I'm walking or standing still even when I'm going at full tilt, I don't really mind.


  • When signing up for a race last summer there was an option to pay extra for this. I didn't, because well I didn't want it. However, the event didn't give out medals (and never do). I'd love to know what you are supposed to do with it then?



  • I use a Sharpie pen to record significant times on the back (or the ribbon if the medal is good and doesn't really have a space). This takes care of my age related memory challenges. image


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