Medial ligament Injury?

I'm new to running, had some issues with shin splints and mega overpronation, had my gait checked and bought a lovely pair of asics 7120's which cured my shin pain amazingly! But then my knees fell off... Or at least I wish they had... Would probably be less painful. Both knees, but much more so my right knee is agony. Not so much my knee cap but a kind of strip along ? (I have a thread in the beginners section called the ultimate beginner, with more info on my journey so far if you need it!) All help gratefully appreciated, even though I've only just started, I'm missing being out there!


  • im exactly the same, plus a real ache in my right foot on the outside!! am gutted ive only been running a week and now been off for nearly a week

  • Wanna be my buddy mike lol?
  • lol i need all the help i can get! havent run for years unless i thought i was pushing it for closing time at the kebab house. was 20 stone this time last year, now about 15 but more to go, and want to run a marathon next year. just need these bloody knees sorting!

  • Same. I've not run since school / start of uni until I decided partying and eating pasta was more fun! I'm torn between resting and doing it all properly, and just wanting to be out there doing stuff and getting better! The problem

    Is that resting all these start up injuries properly seems to mean that I'm only out once a week or less! My dad, who ran a few marathons in his time told me that I was never going to get anywhere without 'manning up and running through it' but look where that's got me!
  • ive stopped the running until i think i can do it without causing any damage. if i have to wait a few days i have to wait. the yorkshire weather isnt very forgiving either for helping injuries heal! im finding it frustrating not getting out there but i have to do this right. what ar eyou working towards? generally getting fit or a marathon etc?

  • Just realised that somehow my first post has a chunk missing!

    It should say that it's not so much my actual kneecaps, but a strip along the inside which is very sore to touch, swollen and almost bruised looking.
  • I'm doing the couch to 5k programme so aiming towards a 5k initially.... Once I can do that I'd love to dream about a half marathon... The way things are at the moment tho I can't imagine running ever again!

    The Belfast wether isn't too forgiving either, but I've discovered something weirdly nice about running in the rain!
  • yea thats what u have too, not bruised looking until i just sprayed it with deep heat, its now bright red, but very tender and feels painful to touch

  • Are u also flat footed / fond of a bit of the old overpronation?
  • i started c25k, and will catch up with that soon. i know how you feel about running again but im just hoping its sooner rather than later, for both of us lol

  • i think so, i know it sounds daft but when i was getting my shoes sorted i was  very distracted by my work phone so didnt take in everything they said in the shop, i knew the trainers they reccommended were the ones i found comfiest so that was good enough for me! might go back into a different branch as if i havent been before and see if they come up with the same suggestion!

  • I feel like my knee issues started when I got my new shoes, but guess

    It's just a

    Coincidence / stage I was at... Hope

    So anyway! It's really painful... Way more so than my shin splints ever where lol! I think my husband thinks I'm being pathetic!

    How old are u mike?
  • we are suffering the same, i didn tlike the shin pain but thisis worse. im 29, feel like im 79 tho at the moment

  • Yep! Same. And walking something resembling a constipated ostritch! It's all terribly attractive!
  • i have some exercises from a physio to do but i dont feel like they will make any difference, i suppose is hould try them though to find out for sure! the pain in my foot feels like a trapped nerve/vein, im sure it isnt but its really uncomfortable

  • i am in the same position. From week 4 my knee ligaments pulled on the inside of my right knee, which was cured only to find the left has now gone.

    Went to physio and she worked on it, so hope to be back next week. I am gutted missing my running as i am loving it.

    Again mine isnt the knee cap but the the inside of it. Seems like similar injury.

    Just running with a different shape to our legs may have caused it as I run flat footed and over pronate. The trainers i have correct it, but of course me legs arent use to running at that slightly different angle.

  • We need a beginners sore knee club!
  • i have had a tubular bandage on my knees for most of the day and i think its actually helping a little. doesnt help with regards to my foot but my knees are defintiely the bigger worry

  • I've had them on since weds, defo feels worse / more unstable without them on, but i don't think it's helping as such. I'm gonna try to see my dr tomorrow. It's seriously second only to labour pains.
  • labour pains? you  have clearly never stood on an upturned plug when barefoot. THAT is pain

  • Lol! I counter challenge you to a barefoot Lego brick experience!
  • the plug would win i believe

  • toe stubbing is worse in my book. . . .

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