Calf problem

Hi everyone, I know there is a lot on calf injures but I would appreciate it if anyone can help with my problem. It all started last July when I was training for a half marathon. At the start of my runs my calf would feel tight but not so much as I had to stop running, but once I got into my run it would be fine and there would be no pain....until I stopped. I would hobble around and not be able to walk properly. I tried taking a week/two weeks off and then go back running. I would be fine for my first run but the next time I would go out it would return. During my training I went on holiday to Spain and even went on a little run while there. On holiday my calf was fine, no issues at all. Even after me coming back I had no problems what so ever with it during training. In November I join a local athletics club and still had no problems until after Christmas. Over the Christmas period there was two weeks where I just chilled and ate loads of turkey. On coming back to training my calf problems have returned and two weeks ago I had to pull out of training after warm up because my calf was feeling like it was cramped and tight. But when I was running the part of my calf that I get the pain in felt loose and when I stopped went tight again. I am stretching properly before running and training and just don't understand why the problem has returned. Does anyone know what it could be or anything to try solve it? I would go back to Spain to fix I again but can't quite afford another holiday.


  • same shoes?  same distances?  same types of terrain? both sides or just one?  have you had any gait analysis done?

  • Yeah everything is the same as before Christmas and I had no problems. No what is gait analysis?
  • Gait analysis - having a professional watch you run and assess how you are moving - foot strike, ankles, knees, hips et cetera.  Then they can advise on postural problems, weaknesses and any special requirements for shoes. 

    If everything is the same, you might need to drop back your distances / pace and build up again slowly. 

    For the cramp itself - any cramp is in fact a muscle tear - it's the degree that varies.  So effectively you have to treat it as a minor tear.  Ice it, elevate it, and ideally, get it professionally massaged.  It's difficult to get it right yourself, but you could give it a go.  There's lots of stuff on You Tube about injuries / massage / stretches / strengthening exercises.  Good luck.

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