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I'm progressing from 5 / 10ks to half / full marathons.  Looking for music suggestions that are upbeat but slow paced - basically to keep me motivated as I plod along.  Any thoughts?


  • Hello Brian,

    Good luck with the training! I could go on and on about favorite music as love to listen, especially when I'm running. For me, your key word is motivational - what motivates me is hearing stuff from the last 30+ years I've loved listening to. Reminds me of certain times and occasions or just simply listening to great bands and singers.

    Have a go at creating a playlist of stuff you like, don't be shy about the cheesy stuff. Simply Reds "look at you now" is on mineimage - I'm not a fan but it was on my main ipod which I used when my running one was charging up. And it did make me smile! Just the title lyric mind! Made me think "yep, look at how I have come on in my last year of running." From 5k to marathon and now starting training for an ultra. Got a good tempo too!

    But - would also suggest you get used to running without as most races wont allow MP3s (quite rightly to be fair.)

    Just for the record, Happy Mondays, Joy Division, Prodigy, Nick Drake, Ghostpoet and Alt J figure lots at the moment, and John Cooper Clarke always makes me smile!

  • Third time lucky hopefully! This is my running playlist, it's 18 hours but I set it to shuffle and it winds it's merry way as I wind mine!


    That didn't work either but you can see a selection of songs

  • Gary Fatbloke love the fact you have Mambo number 5 - that was my son's favourite Bob the Builder track too!!!

  • I have mambo number 5 on mine. And any songs with 'run' in the title or main lyrics. Lots of cheesy disco (makes me smile and good pace). Fratellis. More cheesy disco. Raining men. Sisters are doing it for themselves. More cheese. Plus Runrig and Cold Chisel.
  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    Muse does it for me ...........Origins of Symmetry and Back holes and Revelations being my fave albums to run too............awesome !


  • Foo Fighters...

  • Chicane - Best Of

  • Sway by the kooks is a great track. Plod through the verse, power through the chorus!
  • +1 for the Foo Fighters.

    Also love to run to anything by We Are Scientists.  Excellent music for tempo runs image

    To be honest, I often prefer running without music.  But sometimes it just gives that extra boost when motivation is lacking slightly.

  • fantasia and 90's ministry of sound stuff at the moment

  • I like to listen to live football commentary, set off at kick off, then up to you if you run till half time or listen to the whole match! Obviously have to be a footy fan!
  • Drum & Bass all the way for me!

  • Depends what you like listening to when not running... With some albums, you'll get more of a consistent beat/rhythm than if you make your own compilations with different artists. This might help with pacing.

    If you're focusing on speed or using music to help you 'get to the end' of runs, consider making a mental note of the length of songs. It's cheesy but I quite like 'Black and Gold' by Sam Sparro. It's 4'34" so when Endomondo tells me I have one mile to go on a long run, I put it on repeat and think: 'I only have to run for this song twice.' 

    Also, Queen, Ms Dynamite (for consistent base), Florence and the Machine, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix.

  • I just pick an album that I like and listen to that.

  • Flump 85 wrote (see)

    Also love to run to anything by We Are Scientists.  Excellent music for tempo runs image

    Nice one, Flump, my current favourite band and hugely under-rated. Likewise, they're a must for my running playlists.

  • I really need to make an updated playlist with all these suggestions image

  • Is it really sad that I listen to musicals???! I like being swept along by a story with some drama in it.  War of the Worlds is excellent on a dark wintry night! 

  • Great stuff Gary Fatbloke..ahhh Dr Feelgood 

  • I agree with Dan Schindler 2 wrote (see)  image

    I have recently started recording a weekly 1 hour DJ to run to - I find changing my playlist regularly really helps as it keeps things fresh. Here is a link for my latest mix


  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    The website Resident Advisor do a weekly exclusive mix podcast by various DJs and artists. They average about 1hr+. Varied but generally very good if you like that kind of thing.
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