Foot pain

I've had pain in my left foot ever since I ran this morning. It came on just short of 6k - I was aiming for 6.5 and managed to keep going till I got there although was a bit slower. It wasn't sudden as in happened in one step but I ran the first 5k no problem (well apart from being soaking wet...). I got in the car, and the minutes took weight off the foot I felt it go away. I was actually quite surprised when I got home and stepped out of the car and it was REALLY sore. It's only really sore to put weight on, pressing on it's fine. Deep heat and massaging it don't seem to help (so far). It's just in front of my heel, on the sole of my foot but more on the outer aspect - the instep is fine. No sure what it is? Plantar fasciitis seems to be more on the instep from what I can see on here - and would it be completely fine for 5k and then really sore? Don't know what else it could be though. Any suggestions?


  • Actually, not completely true to say its sore to weight bear. Standing is okay, and then taking the weight off is briefly sore but goes if I keep the weight off. Walking is sore.
  • It actually could be plantar fasciitis - PF is more common in the connective tissue surrounding the 'arch' tendon but it can affect any of the tendons running along the bottom of your foot towards your toes. Not saying that's what you've got, just mentioning so you don't rule it out!

  • A peroneal tendon problem is also possible.

  • It's a lot better today (for which I'm thanking the microwaveable slippers!) but I can still feel it. Is it best to avoid running till its completely gone? I was going to run tomorrow. Or just try it and see and stop if it's too sore?
  • You could try massaging with a golf ball (just drop golf ball on floor and move your foot back and forwards over it) - sometimes I get PF symptoms and that really helps image

    Also make sure you are stretching your calves properly, today you could try hanging your heels off the edge of a step for 1-2 minutes each foot, and repeat throughout the day.

  • Well, I've been generally trying to stretch it out which I think helps (is stretching feet weird? Sounds weird to me!) and rest definitely helps. Could only just feel it this morning so I've run just under 4k and it's more noticeable than before I ran, but nothing like it was the other day and not making me limp or anything (I was being a total wimp about it on Sunday).

    Do you think I'm safe to run further or stick to short distances until its completely gone or should I not be running at all?
  • Where is the pain? If it is in the joints of the foot then it is likely gouty arthritis. If it on the bottom of the foot or the heel then it is probably plantar fasciitus. If it is a radiating discomfort or your skin hurts to contact it might be a blood vessels clog from bad movement.

  • Shona: try a couple more days of rest; see if you can get it to go completely.

  • It isn't joint or sole or heel. It's along the outer aspect of my foot - between, but not reaching, heel and toes. I think it must be a tendony thing - or possibly muscle.

    I guess you're right Debra. I should probably rest it. I wouldn't plan to run again till Thursday anyway, so maybe it will be better by then.
  • Shona: In case it is peroneal, check all the way up the outside of your lower leg, just behind the shin bone, right the way up to the knee - either by long strokes upwards with your fingers (baby oil or hand cream is fine as a lubricant), or with e.g. a massage stick (I've used an old rolling pin in the past. See if there's a tender spot or knot in the peroneal muscle and if there is, then it needs some massage.

  • Spent today traipsing round Liverpool (escaped from Wales to the big city!). Standing/walking round shops then museum. My foot felt much worse after this than after running 4k yesterday. Not sure that makes sense.

    Anyway, I'm going to go swimming tomorrow instead of running and hope it gets better soon. Also I got one of those wooden massagey things to massage foot and calves.
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