My first few weeks


I used to run years ago but that's history! Now I'm overweight (6.13ft - 16.7 stones) and suffering from few health problems (lower back problems / varicose vains / minor knee problems/overpronation). At this point running seems to be very painful and exhaustive! But I'm ready for that, no one said it was going to be easy start image Anyway I was wondering if I could get some advice in terms of intensity and frequency. I try to stick to one of available plans (1min run - 90sec walk - repeat x8 times and so on) and run every 2 days. After a week I feel quite annoying shin pain. My question is: do I keep running every 2 days or do I make longer brakes between runs? Also how do I tell a difference between normal pain that's caused by running for first time in years and injury pain that could be caused by wrong running technique / wrong shoes etc. (asics evolution gel 5). Thanks for help and advice!


  • Best advice I could give is simply 10% increase on distance. So 5 miles this week means 5.5 miles next week. Slow steady and easy and it won't take you too long to get back into it...... Good luck!
  • Did you get advice on your shoes? If not, it's worth a visit to a proper running shop.

    My feeling is that, if you're getting some shin pain, consider having  a few days off, then find a plan that uses walking for a while. It sounds like your legs are reacting to the repetitive stresses of thud thud thud. So building up the strength by some planned walking for maybe 3 or 4 weeks might be a good idea... before getting back into your current programme.  well done and good luck

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