Vinyl Revival

I actually like to listen to music.

My teen daughter is telling me that vinyl is now cool, and that prices are increasing.

Personally, I have been maintaining my LP collection, and even boosting it from a specialist record shop in Cheltenham. The irony is that he has got better quality records than those I actually bought from new! My latest acquisitions have been some early Pink Floyd: A Nice Pair (1967, 1968) and Wish You Were Here (replacing my scratched copy).

What has anyone else been buying?


  • The two Deaf School albums from early 80s classics
  • Vinyl's been cool again for years.  What's the specialist shop in Cheltenham you use?

  • It's called The Vinyl Vault. He likes his rock music...

  • there's been a vinyl revival for at least 15 years


  • VInyl Vault - I doubt there's much in there that's better quality than can be bought new - he won't have much on 200gsm pressings!

  • Our son recently got his hands on a record player and is rocking out MrGFB's old Jimmy Hendrix et al!

  • I buy vinyl. Most new music I buy I buy on vinyl though I download as well, instant access. Keeping music digitally is easy on storage, not so good for relaxed listening in this household. Use the turntable a lot.

  • With the right gear it's very easy to access music that's stored digitally.  With a turntable you're on your feet every 10-20 minutes to change the disc over.

  • Since moving house a couple of years ago all my vinyl records are in the loft and, considering the complete lack of respect I paid to my parents records when I was a kid, I suspect they will stay there until our kids leave home (in around 2030!)

  • I must be so hip. I was buying vinyl for years after it stopped being trendy.

    I've also just hand built myself a little valve headphone amp. That glow never gets old. image
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