outside of right heel pain


Building up to 1/2 marathon so been gradually increasing distance run once a week.

I also usually run once or twice mid week either treadmill or several miles with the dogs.

I managed 11 miles yesturday and was ok although feeling tired tfor the last two miles.

Was ok after rest and food, then several hrs later that evening I started getting pain in my right foot , rear of my foot on the outside of the heel what feels like a bruised bone.

In the morning I was limping badly but during the day although still a bit sore the pain is much less but I wouldn't want to walk far let alone run.

Is this common for long runs and just needs rest or is it something to worry about?

trainers are getting a bit old thought it might be this they are pretty good trainers though asics landreth (I always wear out the outside of the soles front and rear)


cheers for any advise



  • noreplys.?

    maybe have to see doctor then -Although I am sure they will fob me off like usual and say if it hurts don't run. 


    Its still sore to walk on after 5 days is it something that just needs rest?

    Really annoying now - going to try cross country sking machine and bike as don't want to attempt to run


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