hi can anyone recomend a good backpack to wear long distace trail running hope to do 40 miles.thanks


  • The OMM rucksack has two pockets for bottles on the side. Great pack but maybe it was just me - I couldn't get the bottles in and out very easily ? You might need to try them on in a shop.
  • Pete Bland (who have a link on here) usually have some good deals

    Inov-8 is another manufacturer to look at



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  • check out the Raidlight Olmo 5 pack - 4th item down on this page

    holds 2 bottles

  • Osprey, North Face, Nathan, Salomon, Inov8, UltrAspire all do backpacks/waistpacks with long runs in mind. Just depends what fits you on whether you'll like them or not. Problem is there aren't many shops that stock a big range so can be hard trying them on for fit! I've bought a few blind, liked some, disliked others, returned for refund or resold on eBay.

    Think it's worth getting the female specific ones as with the men's ones the shoulder straps are often too widely spaced. You also have the choice of a bladder or bottles and that's just down to personal preference...

    Look at to compare them against each other and see some brands you might not have heard of before.

  • I should also have said the the Raidlight Olmo also comes in a ladies version - talk to Martin or Sue at Likeys and they will help

  • thanks for the advice going to try out a few recommended before i buy.cheers....

  • I use Inov8 rucksacks; they come in different sizes and have a drink bladder that you fit into the bottom of the rucksack. They work well for me.

  • Inov8 all day long!! I deliberated for a long time before buying but finally bought one and use it regularly ,its lightweight ,very comfortable highly durable and as stated above has a internal bladder for your fluids if required. They have a few in their range so pick the size required on how much kit you need to carry! I have had mine for quite some time now and is still as new!
  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    evoc camel back 


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