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I'm halfway through my marathon training program, I'm doing Brighton on the 14th April, since doing the longer runs of 10 miles or more I've been getting stitch like pains in the middle of my abdomen (at the bottom of my ribs if that makes it easier), this always happens around the 8 mile mark. I make sure I eat and drink enough before going out and the night before. I've had to stop and walk until it eases and when I start off running again my pace is really slow. When I've finished the run the pain goes. I would be really greatful for any ideas and help, I'm due to do a 15 miler on Saturday and worried about this happening again.  Thanks for reading this post.      image


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Two usual causes:

    • not warming up
    • eating too soon before you run - large meal should be 3 hours before, smaller one 1.5-2 hours
  • I don't get stitches, but used to when I started running in my early teens.

    I train and go running with younger runners and is suggested to lean forwards slightly if they feel a stitch coming on, or we're doing a long run and lean forwards every-now-an-then to let the body not get stiched up.



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