Nutrition- Lentils?

Hey guys,

I had lentils for the first time yesterday and they were damn tasty. I couldn't believe that per 100g I was getting 23g of protein and 14g of fibre (or something like that). They're quite calorific, but with so much protein and fibre I couldn't understand why I hadn't been recommended to try them earlier. They seem an ideal runner food- so I was wondering whether there was a catch. I'm injured at the moment so won't go mad on them as they're quite calorific.

Anybody else a fan of them?


  • ever eaten and Indian daal??  if so, then you've had lentils....image

    they are a very nutritious foodstuff - and very tasty if cooked well.  superb in all sorts of dishes, many of Indian sub-continent origin but also used extensively in France and Italy.  search out Puy lentils from France - really nutty taste.

  • Calorific- really? How calorific? 230 kcal for a (nearly) 200g portion. I doubt you could find a lower calorie source of protein (maybe Quorn?)

    I dress them with some balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil, when still warm. Yum.

  • I guess so Dan- it seems I was misinformed, I think what I meant is that they are a very high source of carbohydrate.

  • I love them in Indian food, and lentil and tomato soup image

    For an easy lentil sauce, try Ainsley Harriot's packet of South Indian lentil sauce (or something like that).

  • Get some chick peas mixed in too... tomatoes, spices, any veg you've got lying around. Basmati or brown rice for the side. Easy and lovely and good for you.

    I recently rediscovered them after a decade's break from cooking my own.

  • That is the cooked weight, though, so includes a lot of water; Wikipedia says 100g dry = 355kcal which is slightly lower than quite a few foodstuffs, but not incredibly so.

  • i am eating them as i type!!  tinned toms, red lentils, chickpeas, veg and quorn all in a pot and leave for about 15 mins.  ta dah!!  delish.  image

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