2nd Wind

Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice please, I've set myself a couple of goals this year firstly to do a sub 20 min 5k and secondly a sub 40min 10k.  Currently I'm sat at 21:50 5k and 45:12min 10k, the thing I'm really struggling with is getting my 2nd, at the moment I don't seem to get it until about 3k into my run which is a bit late for a 5k!

Prior to the last 12 months I've played a lot of football so all my runs and intervals have been based on short intervals.  I've tried encompassing longer intervals into my run, I try and do 10 x 2min intervals at my maximum pace and some hill intervals too.  I seem to be fine in my long slower runs (i run at 5:45 per km) I tend to find a rythm pretty quik but the short sharp runs I really struggle. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



  • What is your warm-up routine? I've found that when I do a good thorough warm-up, I'm already into my second wind when I start.

  • I tend to run 2 or 3 k at a slow to medium pace whilst doing dynamic stretching.  My warm up is one thing that has crossed my mind, should I be incormporating race pace running/short sprints into it too?

  • Do a 2-3k warm up jog before your 5k - helps no end!
    I'm the same, usually it takes me a couple of miles to get my breath in so i always run the couple of miles to my local parkrun as a warm up beforehand.

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