Getting back into swimming

Hi all,

I am now 27 and during my school years did a lot of swimming and running to a reasonable level, managing a 1,500m freestyle pb of 16:48 in the pool.

I am now considering entering some triathlons later in the year as I have been doing quite a lot of running over the last year, averaging around 50 miles a week and can feel my fitness coming back slowly.

If anyone has started swimming again after a similar 8/9 year gap, how long did it take to get back into it? Are we looking at months or years?! Obviously I'm not expecting to get back down to previous times, but possibly a 20 minute 1500m.

Any input would be much appreciated.


  • I doubt it will take you long to get back into it

    your skills will still be there, it will be a matter of shaking off the cobwebs and getting back into some swim routines.  you may also find that you won't be a huge deal slower to previous times and I reckon if you apoky yourself, then you'd be in the 18min league which will still be bloody quick for a triathlete!!

  • I was never that quick but was a club swimmer. I started swimming again regularly in Jan ready for the Vitruvian in August. The first session back I felt shattered after 200m and had to have a rest. I am now swimming 1.2 miles relatively easily and getting faster quickly. I was very pleasantly suprised by how quick it comes back after the shock of the first swim! Go for will probably end up being first out of the water!
  • Hey - can I be that quick? Do they do apoky courses? Is this a new technique?

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