Bath Half Marathon x2 places wanted

Hi, I am looking for 2 reasonably priced bath half places both female numbers. If anybody has a spare place/places could you please let me know. Many thanks Vicky



  • Anybody please? Did think about running as a male seems to be more places available do you think I would get away with it?

  • Sorry, wrong marathon image
  • Probably only need a single female place now, as I think I may be able to get one from ebay.


  • There's always Bideford half on the same day, or Taunton half marathon a few weeks later, you can still enter either event.
  • Thanks Muzza, Bideford is a bit to far for me to get to. We have entered the White Horse HM on 7/04/2013 which is the same day as Taunton. Training has gone far better than we thought and we fancy a bigger more comercial run so we could go a bit slower and not end up last  in prep for White Horse HM (where we will probably come last).

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    There's the Longleat Half Marathon the week after Bath but I guess you probably know that anyway.
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    Ok then, go on... Why only 1.5 miles? And why will it take 20 mins?
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    DF3 -- I see! 1.5 miles in 20 mins is probably pretty decent for a 6 year old. Well, have fun and I hope you manage to take enough time out of posting on this forum to do the training for Reading image
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    DF3 -- More like do a quick bit of coding in between posts lol image
  • I have a female space?

  • Im sorry why would you like to make a joke exactly?!?

  • oh! lol! okay... could have phrased it better!!!!

  • Thanks for the offer Georgie, but I have now managed to get to race numbers. Thanks again

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