blisters caused by?

now i have a blister image  it is between my 3rd and 4th toe, it has been bleeding, bit annoying , only on left foot, the right foot is fine

not sure if blisters are just because i need to toughen feet up? , i am wearing rubbish socks? the shoes caused them? or just because i am new to running and upping the kmsimage

i can now run 10k , just over image, i haven't tried to run further yet , even slowly as didn't want to over do it and now have sore toes! they are not painful, i can go to work, i can still run on it 

i am just curious to these new minor  feet probs and how common, acceptable they are, or should i change something i am doing ?

i have been running 3 time as week, 2 shorter and 10k my longest so far, i also do other exercise and work on my feet,


  • I know this sounds obvious but is it caused by the edge of a nail?
    You shoes might be too tight or too small causing the toes to rub together. is there room in the shoes for your feet to expand when they get hot?
    probably not your socks as they dont go between your toes image unless of course they are not suitable for running and are making your feet sweat too much?

    stick a blister plaster over the blister and leave it there until it falls off. Assuming you can get to the area to do so.

    is it on the inside of one toe? or in the 'crook' of the 2 toes?

  • hello max's mum , thanks for reply 

    it is on the inner middle toe where the 4th toe touches it, my nails are very short, but could be where the edge is

    i had the shoes 'fitted' and checked in sweatshop , i bought them on jan 26th , so i am still able to change them if needed as they do their 30 shoe wear policy if not comfy

     i have narrow feet but now wondering if the shoes are too narrow? i have adidas glide 4 shoes 

    i was just not sure if it is the shoes, or just because new to running , i was thinking of changing the shoes but then thought i am prob being too fussy ?

    the socks are just sports ones , nothing overly fancy nor my work ones image

  • Try a dab of vaseline between your toes maybe ?
  • cougie wrote (see)
    Try a dab of vaseline between your toes maybe ?

    the simplest ideas can be the best! image

  • i will deffo try that , i am avid vaseline fan for my face , so the feet can have a go too

    and maybe i will invest is some special 'running' socks rather than just rely on generic sports socks , which are nothing much TBH image

  • i think generic sports sock would be OK, i just meant as long as they werent big thick ones that would make your feet hot!

  • I had one about a month back between 4th and 5th toes and I just could not see what was causing it and it used to itch a lot too. Googled it and it came back with athletes foot ? . Put the cream on and it sorted it.

  • found this thread ! the toes are better  - the vaseline helped while scab from blister was healing  - i have done 2x 8 mile runs blister free since it healed (and some short morning jogs) 

    blisters eh! tricky things when they are new experience image

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