Nice to Cannes marathon 2013

I've just entered this, anyone ran it before/planning on running?



  • I haven't ran it before, but just looked at the website and I'd be interested in entering it. I was considering dublin marathon, but this looks more scenic. The price of flights and accom would be a big factor for me, but it looks a great course and relatively flat. Do you know what the entry limit is?
  • Simon - I'm running it this year. I've done it three times before and it's lovely. 


  • It can't be flat can it? I have been along that road I'm sure it was lumpy.


  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    It's a lovely marathon. The second half is undulating/hilly but I was expecting that and it had the benefit of making me hold back a bit during the first half.
  • Hello- I've just entered this one, first time for this run, did Paris Mara last year. Flights booked - good prices I thought.

    The course looks great I think, I can't wait!....

    Just need to start training now...
  • Julie Deadman wrote (see)

    Simon - I'm running it this year. I've done it three times before and it's lovely. 


    Hi Julie,

    I'm thinking of this one. As you've run it before would you advise staying in Nice or Cannes. I can see advantages to both but at the moment Cannes is looking favourite because of convenience for getting a shower at the finish.

  • are you best flying to nice ? and how much is a good price just out of interest ?

  • I just entered this marathon a couple of days ago. Cheap flight on BA from gatwick and booked at the Nice Hyatt with points. If I get a late checkout at the hotel I should have enough time to get back and shower I hope.

    I did run a marathon a few years ago but it didn't go too well and I've put on a bit of weight since. Hope to remedy that in the next 4 months. Aiming for sub-4.

  • Pretty quiet around here! I bought a garmin 610 on ebay and started the RW 16 week training plan (HR version) a couple of days ago. Also did a parkrun on Saturday in 22:30 or so. So far so good. Long way to go.
  • Looking for some advice on the medical certificate. Is it ok to register and then send the certificate in later or is it best to get the certificate signed first and then attempt to send it as part of the registration process, although with my limited computer skills I anticipate this might be a problem ?

    The site doesn't seem to be be working properly at the moment as every time I attempt to print off the certificate it freezes the screen. I've printed and scanned the one off the Paris marathon site instead, hopefully that should be ok.

  • I hope it's ok to register and send the certifcate later as that's what I've done. In fact I'd forgotten about it so I'm glad you mentioned it. I just checked the site and it says it must be sent before 1st October. If I put the first 3 letters of my surname in, it says that all 3 of us with the same first three letters of surname have an incomplete registration missing the certificate, so I guess it's a common thing to do.
  • nce wrote (see)
    I hope it's ok to register and send the certifcate later as that's what I've done. In fact I'd forgotten about it so I'm glad you mentioned it. I just checked the site and it says it must be sent before 1st October. If I put the first 3 letters of my surname in, it says that all 3 of us with the same first three letters of surname have an incomplete registration missing the certificate, so I guess it's a common thing to do.

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately I've come back from a run on Friday with a recurrence of an achilles problem that I've not had for three years. No idea how that came about but looks as though I'm probably out. Well and truly cheesed off.

  • Sorry to hear that Ploddersoftheworldunite. It looks like the next time the price goes up is 1st October, so there's no urgent need to decide right now anyway. Hope you get better.
  • Training not been great as been moving house, but doing a half on sunday to see where i'm at , i'll be in the sub 4'15 group!

  • Just booked this. It looks to be a scenic course and it's always nice in the future to look at a significant chunk of coastline on a map and to know one has run it. I'm hoping for sub 3:30 but 3:45 is more realistic.   

    I'm travelling by train from London - I know it takes longer but it's a lot more comfortable and there are no luggage/weight restrictions.  Return fares are as low as £127.50 standard class and £209 first class. I'm staying in Nice Ibis Styles Vieux Port.   

    This will be my 9th marathon in France and I'm happy to provide advice e.g. a vocabulary of French-English running terms, etiquette, how to approach one's GP for a medical certificate without being charged a fortune etc.

  • Hi Mike. I paid ??82 for a BA hand luggage only flight from Gatwick. How long does the train take? It's a long way! I keep forgetting about the medical certificate, got to sort that out.

    At the moment I've got a sore leg and am not quite sure what it is so taking a few days off. I have a half marathon next weekend though, so hope it's alright by then.

    Good luck with your training!
  • Hello nce. Fair point about the train taking longer. It's about 9 or 10 hours by train from St Pancras to Nice.  Practically, door to door the train will take about 5 or 6 hours more but over the years I've come to prefer train because it's less hassle, easier for luggage (I've never mastered travelling light!) and more scenic and more leg room - I've suffered on return flights with sore legs and squashed into an economy seat. 

    Hope your leg improves and you make the half marathon. 

    For the last 18 months my running has been on trails, carrying a pack of 4-5 kg for typically a 25 mile stretch at an easy pace of 5 mph and HR about 130 with lots of stops for checking the map etc.  Did 10 miles continuous today on road and it was hard work!  Aiming for 8 min pace / 7.5 mph, HR around 155.  Lots more tough training ahead…..

  • Hi all - good to see a few more posts on here.

    I am also glad I checked as I totally forgot about the medical cert. How does it work? Do we send it in? I can't see the info on the website - is it well hidden??

    We are staying in an apartment which is really reasonable. Nice Pebbles is the name of the agent we rented from.

    Good luck with the training all!


  • Hi.  A group of us from York Tri have entered this. Ref the med cert alkm I think you can scan and upload or email.  Also a couple of our group got some kind of letter from EA (using their EA number) and this did in place of a med cert.  However, one other person tried that and the organisers declined it!

    I must go to the docs and sort mine.  In the past I've usually not been charged although the receptionist always warns me I might be charged.

    Looking forward to this, although training after IMUK is proving a bit harder than I expected.  Think I naively thought I'd bounce back quickly with lots of fitness.  LOL, how wrong could I be.

  • Thanks for that - will try and email it in. I can only see postal details but sure it's there somewhere...

    It's hit and miss if and how much you get charged for the certificate apparently.


  • Just realised it's on the "deposit a proof" link. It was accepted in 5 minutes and now dossier is complet!

  • As requested here is some advice on providing medical certificates:

    It is a requirement in France (and Italy) to provide a medical certificate.  Regular runners have annual medical check-ups and are issued with licences (licences sportives) hence they are known as licensed runners (licenciés).  Occasional runners have to provide a medical certificate which is valid for one year from date of issue. It may be in French or English.  The key wording is that it must state that the person "does not reveal any indication against the practice of running in competition" (ne présente aucune contre indication apparente à la pratique du sport suivant "course à pied en competition") - hope all the French accents transfer from Word to this webpage!   It is essential that the certificate includes the reference to competitive running (as opposed to simple jogging).  Also note that the doctor isn't signing to say that one is fit to race, rather there is no indication that one is not fit to race - a legal nicety.


    Providing this certificate is not part of the NHS contract for GPs. Therefore a GP is entitled to charge for providing it and the BMA suggested scales are here:

    Marathon running is not listed but I suggest it is closest to the health club form in the range £29 upwards.  This is more helpful than the earlier BMA guidance which gave more scope - I heard of a GP in Gosport who planned to charge a runner an exorbitant £200 for a medical certificate, treating it as if it were for a flying medical!


    Recommended procedure

    1. Write to your surgery and request an appointment.  It is helpful to explain the background to this and refer to the BMA charges (just in case someone gets the wrong idea about charging 3 figure sums!) 
    2. Include a draft certificate with most details added so all the doctor has to do is sign and date it.
    3. Request an appointment. It is likely to involve checks of BMI and blood pressure so will take longer than the usual 8 minutes.  If one knows one's GP well he/she may charge the lower fee of £29 (or even provide it for free if one is otherwise healthy and not a regular in the waiting room) but if they charge £60.50 then they are entitled to do so.
    4. Make sure that the doctor signs and rubber stamps it so it looks official.
    5. Once it is complete, make a copy - photocopy or scan it
    6. Email it to the race organisers so that one's entry is complete. Otherwise one will be listed as "en litige" (in dispute).
    7. If presenting your certificate at a race registration, the organisers will retain the certificate so make sure you provide a copy and retain the original.


    Having provided many of these over the years I've never seen a race organiser study it closely, especially if it is in English. Nevertheless, I strongly urge people not to try to forge one!  AFAI recall I haven't had to provide certificates for marathons in Germany, Norway and the Netherlands.

  • Just to add: for this marathon if one hasn't yet provided the medical certificate one is listed as Dossier incomplet Manque certif ou licence (incomplete file - need for certificate or licence number)

  • Registered with a new gp yesterday and receptionist advised about the charge, looking forward to the run, but will think twice before doing a French race again. I'm glad its drizzly today, out for a 15 miler soon.

  • Hi, does anyone know what sports drink will be given on the course? I can find references to water and coke but not the make of the sports drink. I've asked the organisers but they haven't replied... Also has anyone posted their medical certificate? If so how long did it take to be processed? Thanks

  • Hello all, I too am hoping to do this marathon.  It is just 2 weeks after the Venice marathon but my super supportive family have been unable to refuse as it was my BIG birthday 2 weeks ago and, for the moment, I can try and ask for anything. Assuming I can get someone to look after the children, then I shall be joining you.

    Anybody know anything about the buses that transport runners back to Nice?  How often do they run and how much do they cost?

    I'm hoping for a PB in Venice so shall just enjoy Nice A Cannes...doubtless my toes will still be delightful hues of purple.  

  • Hi folks. My training hasn't gone very well so far. Had to pull out of a half marathon at 11 miles due to a muscle/tendon problem in my hip. I took 3 weeks off due to that. Think it will be a just-finish for me. Hope

    Deadline to upload the medical form was yesterday and I think I just sneaked in before it. Hope everyone else has that sorted out.

    How's everyone else getting on?
  • I ran this last year.  My first marathon and really enjoyed it.  The weather conditions were perfect for running and it's a fairly flat route - slightly undulating in the second half but nothing too taxing.  Preferred the second part of the course to the first - running through Antibes was lovely image)

    I paid in advance for the shuttle bus to take me back to Nice (5 euros I think) and it was pretty well organised.  Not sure how frequently the buses ran, but a few turned up at one time and we were able to get back to Nice without too much trouble. 

    I stayed in the old part of Nice - not sure what Cannes is like to stay in, but would recommend Nice as a base for sure.


    Good luck to all of your who are running this year image

  • The big hill is at about 28km - it's mostly flat up to that point, and if you encountered the hill at 5km you'd probably not worry about it!

    I've stayed in both Nice and in Cannes for this, and it's certainly nice to be able to collapse in your hotel at the end.  In the past I've used the train to get back to Nice - it gets a bit packed, but is free to runners (and you can see much of the route you just ran along!).

    On the medical certificate, there is a blank form on the Paris Marathon website that I donwload and use.  My GPs have been reasonable about filling it in so far (one asked me to take a blood pressure test, but when I asked what he'd say if it was too high he said "I'd tell you to exercise more").

  • One week to go. Did my final long training a week ago, meant to do 24 miles but stopped at 22 as I felt awful (too much work/too little sleep/not enough food).  Did an easy 9 miles this morning.  Predicting ~3hr 40 unless things go spectacularly well or badly. 

    I'm not sure if there is a pasta party but even if there is I'm not planning to go as I'd rather make my own arrangements.  As a solo runner I never enjoy solitary dining so if there is anyone else who would care to join me for a simple meal in Nice on the Saturday evening please let me know by Wednesday evening (I suggest by a separate private message to avoid cluttering up the webpage) and I can look for a suitable restaurant and announce confirmatory details on the blog here.  If it's any reassurance I speak French tolerably well. 

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