What's wrong with me?

Hi all,

 Fair-warning, I am about to moan.

Nearly 4 weeks ago now I was hill-running (at night) - near the end of the run (thankfully) - my left-foot landed on a rock I didn't see.  I was running down the hill, at a fast enough pace.  The impact knocked me off my feet and i have not walked without-pain since.  I had x-rays taken that night which showed nothing was broken.

Initially i couldn't walk without crutches, it hurt to sit, stand, lie-down or move.  I can now walk, but it is painful - both at the front and rear of the hip, and i am taking pain-relief, and off work.  The physio had me doing swimming (hard, painful), cycling (doable on a reclined exercise bike), and some stretching - some easy enough, some horrible.

Today he referred me for an MRI, but he isn't sure what might be wrong, he tells me i have good movement in the hip and he has ruled out the obvious apparently.  It's awful not being able to run, or even walk.  Pain isn't localised but is both at the front and back of the hip.  Has anybody else experienced this?

Very depressing, i was training for my first triathlon this year!


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Nope! Haven't experienced that.

    I once went to a Stag do in the midlands where a couple of lads shagged a women in front of eighty guys.

    That was an experience.

  • Ric, what a couple of lads do with  your mother is not going to get me running again - probably.

  • Not experienced that (I run on flat ground). An MRI should be able to help further, Xrays wont pick up stress fractures, F.I and if any joints have been damaged - there is a special fluid which helps your joints move, when I say fluid; it doesn't flood away- its a bit like a gel rather then water, and during impact type injuries where you crash and fall can easily cause damage to that fluid. Parts of it can grow back given time and rest but some you cannot heal and will become a problem. Transplants and surgery can be available but can often cause more problems then before you started.

    MRIs don't pick up everything, but if there is anything which warrents a deeper search they can use the MRI to enquire further and run more tests from that. For an example, if an area shows swelling and the injury cannot be seen due to the swelling obstructing the view then they can look into why there is any swelling and run another test which can see below the swelling.


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