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I'm a researcher at the University of Nottingham. We're currently in the process of doing some intial testing for a potential mobile phone application for spectators at running events. 

I've created a short online survey to ask anyone who has spectated at a running event before some very simple questions. You can access it here https://horizon.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8v8n7cFXoq4VnAV

It's a very short survey and should only take 2-3 minutes to complete. Anyone who could take that amount of time out to fill it in for me would be doing me a massive favour. 

Just to make it clear this is for people who have SPECTATED at running events. I know this is a running forum but I'm sure you must atleast all know people who have done so if you haven't at some point done so yourself.

So to conclude, here's the link again https://horizon.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8v8n7cFXoq4VnAV 

Anyone who can fill it in for me would be doing me a big big favour and would potentially be contributing to some exciting developments for marathon and similar running events!




  • Thanks so much for the responses so far! 

  • Hi Sam, I did the survey. A suggestion, though: change 'It's purpose' in the description to 'Its purpose'. image 

  • Done! Thanks, had not noticed that. And thanks for taking the survey, much appreciated! image

  • Done.

    I'm not sure what useful information you'll get from the responses though. I was forced to answer questions which were impossible to answer. e.g. sometimes I have spectated at races on my own, sometimes as part of a small group, and sometimes as part of a large group. Sometimes I just go and watch a race because I like watching runners, sometimes it is a case of supporting one runner (sometimes by moving around the course to see them as many times as possible). In short I do many different things, depending on the circumstances, but I was unable to articulate that on the survey.


  • Hi exiled claret, thanks so much for answering the survey and thanks for the feedback. The survey is only aiming to get very basic information so useful information from it is never going to vast. You have made excellent points though and I've updated the survey to try and better represent what you have said (I can't make drastic changes unfortunately or it'll invalidate the responses so far). Thank you though, always good to get any feedback and any extra information image

  • Hi Sam,

    I just took part in the survey image

    You should check out the app that the Brighton Marathon offered for spectators. My friends who came to watch me last year used it, it notified them when I got half way and when I crossed the finish line, and had a map of the course.

  • Hi xine267,

    Thanks so much for doing the survey! image

    And that sounds interesting, can you remember the name of the app by any chance??

  • Hi guys, I'm going to push this for one final time, I've had a fantastic response so far and I'm so close to having all the responses I need, if there's anyone else who could do it for me please dont hesitate!! 

  • Hi Sam,

    I think it was just called Brighton Marathon. There should be further details on their website http://www.brightonmarathon.co.uk/

  • ASO the organisers of the Paris, Barcelona marathons and 10k's offer this, orange tried to do it for FLM a few years back as well

    It only works if you have timing mats around the course, and by implication closed roads ? My half on Sunday is on open roads so how would your app work ?
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