Aching from head to toe

Hi, im training for a half marathon in may and been quit smoking 5 weeks and easily running 4~5miles, so why after 90 minutes of football yesterday, do i feel like ive been kicked by a horse? Any advice appreciated Thanks


  • *have* you been kicked by a horse?

    In all honesty you are not giving much away here ... could be you have this virus going around, poss knackered from training, poss overdid it yesterday .. who knows

    Rest and reassess when you feel less like you have been kicked by a horse (or a cow)

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You are using different muscles than you do from just running in a straight line. Lots of stop starts and side to side movements.

    I get it after my first rugby training session of the year even after a summer of triathlons.
  • Felt brilliant after the game, woke up this morning stiff as a brick! Nevermind, hope to feel ok for a run tomorrow!
  • How old are you Jonny? Do you stretch? I never used to, used to jump out of bed and play football 5 times a week. These days 10 minutes stretching either side of a run or match is required.

  • Im 32 in 4 days! I did warm up before the match, 1st game weve had in 4 weeks. I always stretch before a run, plus playing in a mud bsth probably didnt help!
  • Well an easy 4 mile run after work still aching but feel much better!
  • Are you eating properly?  I tend to get achy when I'm eating nutritionally poor food, or not enough food

  • Eating normally, packed lunch at work then a normal meal, i never snack and allow a treat once a week, pizza etc
  • Well it depends what you consider a normal packed lunch and evening meal, and snacking isn't always bad if you need the calories and chose something with nutritional value such as a banana or nuts.

    When I was training hard I found that snacks were important as otherwise I couldn't get enough calories in me from meal times.

    Maybe as a one off it is worth adding up the calorie content of your food.  Aim for 2500 plus about 500 cals for every hour of exercise and you probably won't be far off your daily requirement as a general rule of thumb.  It will give you an idea of whether your intake is in the right sort of range.

  • People always say different things but im happy that im eating right, only have alcohol very rarely and feel 16 again after only six weeks of training, quitting smoking and losing nearly a stone, ive officially got the bug! I love running!
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