Polar or Garmin


Please can anyone help me to deciede whether to go for the Garmin Forerunner 410 or the Polar RCx3 GPS ( with hear rate monitor!) 

Thank you! 


  • +1 garmin

  • Garmin defffonately!
  • garmin better on the gps side of the tech, polar are the better HR monitors.  Therefore depends on what you want to use it for... GPS monitoring of your activities or scientifically analysing your body?  You decide.

  • Garmin for GPS I think and as PSC says Polar make good HRM.

  • I've always used Polar and now use their S3 foot sensor, one comparison survey someone posted recently showed this to be more accurate than gps anyway...unless you want to plot where you ran. plus you get cadence and stride data etc.

  • I've got an old Polar watch and a new Garmin and must say the Garmin is far better for analysing data and uploading onto computer. My old polar didnt have gps, just a footpod which I didnt like and found it to be v.inaccurate. having said that the quality of the HRM strap is far better for the poalr and is a lot more comfortable to run in. Only had my garmin since Christmas so its still a toy I like to play with!

  • i have a 410, but nothing to compare it to, so i've added little to this debate

  • Cybarev - which garmin do you have?
  • Ive got the 610. Its very nice but really pricey!


  • Am also thinking about the 610 as an upgrade to my rs200, also a footpod

    You're right about the price but it looks like a nice gadget! Is the heart strap really that bad? Garmin make a soft strap that I think comes as standard with the new models. Lots of comments about it being comfortable on the web
  • Any problems with the strap and pins falling out of the 610? Or rust on the back?
  • Garmin all the way for me image I've got the very simple 110 and love its basic controls/functions

    Really comfortable aswell, done an off-road marathon on Sunday and hardly noticed it on! Even when it was raining/windy no problems reading it.

    Thoroughly happy customer!!
  • Not had any problems with pins or rust yet but only got it at Christmas. Strap is wearable but just doesn't have the quality feel of the polar one. I've got a mac at its dead easy to upload data. In fact the watch uploads the data itself once you have the ANT stick installed. It's great for data geeks!
  • I have used long polar watches of different models and each time I realize that it is the best watch, I used the Garmin 310XT, Garmin 910XT and the Polar RS625, RS400, RCX5 Polar with GPS.

    Most runners use Garmin, but I think it is by the runner friend who uses it started running. So it was when I started to run buy Garmin, but the logic is complicated menus, touch mechanism is not precise, giving the TWO end watches, never get to understand the logic of the menus. The Polar Clock from the first, without reading the manual I understood immediately and use its buttons is very logical and simple to use.

    Not all Garmin models operating in the water, swimming practice, Polar from the first watch, all read the pulse in the water to practice swimming. The size is smaller and thinner and is pleasing to use as a daily watch.

    Polar usage is much simpler and complete in Polar. The software to synchronize the computer is simple and efficient, the information is super clear and has many useful reports of all information it collects. Polar has evidence of overtraining on the clock and the software analyzes overtraining points very clear and simple. The square screen is what makes the numbers are more visible and larger, is no touch buttons, while running is more accurate and precise the menus.

    It supports gyms equipment, the hearth monitor supports iPhone and Android software from Polar that easily connects with the application, which synchronizes and read all the information automatically to the website. The App Polar Beat is very economical and provides all the same information as the clock, super useful for listening to music used in the gym, spinning class in elliptica or street to use a bicycle.

    Why allways load a GPS watch, If always you want to use it, you have  to be recharged and if you forget to recharge,  it does not operate to give the time and anyting else. Polar battery lasts 11-12 months and the GPS that is separate and recharged easy its size is super thin and light, easy to put in the bag shorts.You  load it only when you want to use, with the charger of your Blackberry, Android or Samsung... the connector is a micro-USB and it charge very quicky .

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I moved from polar to a garmin 410 last year simply because of the gps. polar did not do an integrated gps at the time.

    as per above polar I think are far easier to use and maintain great stats and are compatible with gym machines.

    the biggest pain for me on the 410 is the touch bezel, I wont even attempt to mess with the watch during a run!!

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