Legs aching even though not out of breath

Hello All

I am newish to running and find that my legs ache even though I am not out of breath at all. Is there anything I can do to help this or is it just a case of keep running to steghten the legs.

Would love any help.

Thank you all in advance



  • How long have you been running and how often?

    I remember this used to happen to me and still does sometimes. The best solution is to build it up slowly, even thou you're not out of breath your legs are not used to this sort of exercise. You should also build strength by doing lots of body weighted exercise eg squats and lungs.

    Good luck.
  • Cut down to the very basics running is about leg condition and lung condition. Seems your lungs are waiting for your legs to catch up.
  • Most people find their heart & lungs react well to early training.  As Sussex Runner says, the legs have some catching up to do. The danger can be if you listen to your heart & lungs, and make them push your legs too far too fast. That's a great way to pick up a niggly injury!

    Patience is the key.  Follow a recognised programme.  Throwing in some low-impact leg work, such as cycling or gym work can help too.

    For running, make sure you check your shoes are OK. Sportsdirect might claim to be cheap... but are they're not as cheap as they portray... and are utterly hopeless with advice - which I consider to be worth a few quid.

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