Imerys Clay Country Marathon

This one looks interesting. I didn't see it advertised last year, although I suspect neither did many others as there were only 46 finishers. Put my application in just to make sure I get in. Anyone out there done it?


  • There were more in the half last year it was a later addition to the series. The event is unique it is on Imerys China Clay land and this year the marathon is a single lap. Great feedback and reviews from last year. I ran the half tough but very enjoyable, it we get the weather it will be spectacular. Hope this helps ?
  • Yes, thanks. I just need to rapidly increase the mileage in the next few weeks in order to make a proper attempt at it.

  • Good luck age old storey !
  • Too true! In my case anyway.

  • A unique experience, and not just because I came last on the day. It was a truly memorable experience. Glyn's description of the course as "brutal" was indeed apt. All the marshals, helpers and organisers were very friendly and supportive. I loved the free massage at the end too, despite involving a bit more brutality.

    Well done to all involved in putting the event on.

  • HI Paul

    I am so glad you enjoyed the course. I think the feedback from the majority of the runner's was BRUTAL, but enjoyable. I am an Imerys employee, and also a member of St Austell Running Club, and along with the Cornwall College, many an hour was spent organising the day, so it's great to hear some feedback like yours! Tell all your friends about it, and bring them all along next year!!

    Hope you're recovering well


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