Tuesday 12th February 2013


Lyrics: Asked a girl what she wanted to be
Title was probably said by both RFJ  and myself to our respective daughters

What: hopefully 20 mins this evening
Why: tender foot permitting. Stretch more?

Back later.

Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success


  • Thank goodness Alehouse - I was busy looking for 'pancake' lyrics!

    Yesterday's lyrics were It's Beginning To Get To Me by Snow Patrol.

    If you haven' got hope what have you got Stickless?

    That easy pace is definitely picking up Blisters.

    NZC - have you got some company for your marathon training this year?

    What:                 swim/easy run or turbo - weather dependent
    Why:                  forecast isn't great and Grace doesn't like running in the rain
    Last hard:          last year
    Last rest:           4/2

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all lemon squeezers,
    lyric - think I should, yesterday's turned out to be a 'no'
    what - club night (I hope) , missed the last couple of weeks due to car logistics/kids swimming and/or hockey, so would like to get a team session done.
    why - Tuesday is hard work day
    last rest - Friday
    last hard - hmmm

    In a bit of a dilemma, Southern XC this Saturday in London (after postponement last month) & a 10mile very local race on Sunday. Most of my club colleagues are not doing the xc and focussing on the Sunday. Should I do likewise? To add some context, I think they are all marathon training and doing the 20mile (2 lap) option on Sunday. Me, I'd like a decent 10mile time but its no big deal, as I'm probably racing 10 miles in both April and May anyhow & I have the National xc next weekend, so would the Southerns be too close or ideal prep???
    Thoughts appreciated

  • Dustin:  I think my suggestion would be to go where the majority of your club mates are going. Might help with the car logisitcs too! Talking of which...

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Dustin - I am in the same position, but am doing the said 20 not the 10.... seriously contemplating pulling out of the SEAA XC............

    Speed of some description later

  • Dustin: If the 10 mile is no big deal do the XC

    Stickless: Indeed I well remember the result of running a previous marathon sick, good to see your remaining positive. 

    What: Swam a 2K set, cycled 40K
    Why: I'm on gardening leave prior to returning to the UK so have loads of time and am cycling JOGLE in June so need bike time.
    Last Hard: Last nights tempo run after a 100K on the bike in the morning
    Last Rest: 27th January i do believe. 

    Lyrics: Nope



  • Morning

    What 11.44 mlr
    Why half term
    lyrics no

    Dustin, I would use the XC as prep and run easy Sunday.

    Ended up running further than anticipated this morning but the rest of the week is likely to be compromised for anything over an hour. Suprisingly the legs are fine after Sunday.

  • Morning

    Alehouse - phew from your clue  i initially  thought Cliff Richard image

    RFJ loved your photo from yesterday  could easily spot which one was you image

    DD JOGLE good luck with that image

    Starting to look more  human black eye still there  or  rather fading a bit 

    And  i kind of entered a marathon late last night. Shall be going to Chester early October gives me just over 33 weeks 

    What: Depends
    Why: need to go shopping and if i feel ok later  a short run  we'll see
    Last Hard: The road on Thursday
    Lyrics: Had to google as i was in a mad panic 


  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all

    lol, lyrics yes! Oh yes!

    oh boy my first pancake day and neither of my two  at home, got to go run club and not think about it! 

    pammie nice one on marathon entry!

    rjf I have to do parly hill on saturday, but 15 next day! oh goodness

    What: club tempo later

    why: schedule

    last hard: sunday

    last easy last night

    happy pancake day peeps image

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Some great racers at the weekend - well done all.

    8 miles this morning, including 4 'brisk' in the middle.  2 miles warm up felt okay, went at it hammer and tongs for the 4 miles in 29:01 then 2 miles warm down.  Weird today, last easy mile in 7:30 yet trying my absolute hardest only got me 7:15 miles.  Good mileage though so pleased with my efforts. image

  • What: don't know
    Why: No longer on call and half day but weather not vey inviting (dark and wet snow)
    Last Hard: last Tuesday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: YES

    With open fire beckoning, the spirit of CBA lurks ...

  • A rare day for me, visiting a site that was less than 100 miles away. In fact it was barely 1 mile away, and they didn't want me until 0900. Sooooooooo......

    Cycled on turbo in garage for 45 minutes (sleepy and quite cold).
    A bit of work
    Off for a swim next.

    Lyrics, nope.

    Dubai Dave: if you are biking JOG/LE, then you are likely to pass my house in Gloucester. I managed to ride along for a couple of days with Prince Siegfried when he biked the other direction in 2012. When exactly are you planning to pass by?

  • Hi gang, I is back. Mixture of too much work and being ill at the weekend. I was fearing another dreaded chest infection coming on but by being sensible and staying indoors for a few days while eating anything immune boosting I could get my hands on I killed it off before it got a proper hold image.

    LMH: your running seems to be going really well at the mo. Not sure what to say about peaking too soon. I think I peaked in early Jan. At least things have plateaued / deteriorated since then. Of course it could all be down to the cold and slippery conditions and me picking up a bug or two but my confidence is a bit low. Hopefully things are going better at your end.

    emzap: a cast! Oh my ... image

    Great running, RFJ. That dude next to you in the pic looks like he's dying image.

    Great news, Pammie image - off to google some 33 week marathon plans

    what: 10 veeeery slow miles
    why: easing back into it after a rough few days
    last hard: being sensible
    last rest: yesterday
    lyrics: nope

  • When are you back DD? Hope you're waiting until it warms up!

    Get out OH - that fire will still be there when you get back image

    2.4k swim this morning. Enjoyed it. Not particularly stunning speed wise but it felt good. 7 miles with Grace this afternoon. Cold but dry and still so not too bad as long as you kept moving - and my legs seem to be keeping moving at the moment. No idea what's going on but I'm enjoying it whilst it lasts!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • The spirit of GOAR ( Get Out And Run) kicked the spirit of CBA into submission.
    (or maybe voodoo by LM.Himage )

    10 miles miles done - stayed dry although one nasty big hailstone shower but biting ice cream headache wind throughout. Stiiff to begin with but loosened up.

    ...and fire is still there burning bright and even more appreciatedimage

    Is the smiley dropdown working for others?
    It doesn't seem to work on 2 different PCs on 2 different browsers today.image

    AH Hope toe settles down - maybe gout image
    DD Good to see you back and active as ever
    PP Good 11 miles (that's often the nature of my training too!)
    Pammie Am I right in thinking this is your first marathon?
    donaldo Well Done
    RJF nice picture
    Chickadee Hope you're getting better now. Well done on getting out
    Blister - Great when those opportunities pop up
    LM.H Feeling Good is GOOD

    Happy Flipping everyone image

  • Evening

    OH No, not my first. First since  2008 Did Dublin 06 and London 08 started to train for a few since but stuff happened.

    I've come to the conclusion due to my work and  during nov-jan my training suffers an autumn one seems a better prospect

    Chickadee lol think i've got about  15 weeks  to get my training geared to start some  sort of marathon plan and then start an 18  week plan of something

  • x-posted with chickadeee earlier - sorry to hear that you've been under the weather again. Always a risk when you're pushing the training - and one that caught me out a few times before VLM last year. It's a difficult balance to find but you seem to have dealt with it well. Good that you're back on the road.

    OH - and don't you feel better for it! image

    I much prefer marathon training through the summer Pammie - rather be too warm on my runs than worrying about the snow, falling over etc.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks all,

    No running in the end, Sunday has caught up in the legs and they are dead..... so will swap rest day around and tinker with the weeks plan to fit.

    Take care all

  • LMH you are flying at the moment.

  • Bitch

    Where's my long and comprehensive post just gone?

    I was just telling you all how well the swimming went.

  • OH, the rest of the compliment was aout how good you must feel to be doing proper runners running!

  • A good swim then Blisters? Just hope I can keep it going until the end of April!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • -Yeah, first of all they found my brand new, but recently lost swimwear.
    -Then I nailed 400m just to warm up, and was in the PB zone.
    Leaving the clock running, carried on for the mile, focussing on the stroke and legs, nailing it in 43:30 despite swapping through 3 lanes.
    -After that I had a bit of play time, tumble turns. Totally new to me. Are they allowed in pool races?

  • Excellent Blisters - we told you it would all come together! Most pool tris will allow tumble turns. I've never learnt as my swim coach used to tell me that it would take me about 8 months of practice to make them as fast as a good touch turn - and I only usually do one pool based tri a year and then only because it's 4 miles from home.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Well I just popped in here to see if the DTT was still going - not only is it going, but all the same posters as well!

    In which case:-
    What:  7.4 miles, alternate easy & brisk
    Why:  Get some miles in without it being too boring
    Last hard:  Twin track sessions yesterday
    Last rest:  Sunday


  • Wow - long time no see 40 minutes - still running well!

    Little Miss Happy - I have people to do the long run on Sunday with.

    What: 3 miles with Mae, then spent most of the day helping son move out.

    Only trouble was when we had 3 cars full, one mostly full of children, someone realised the pushchair was left out so there was a bit of to and fro about who was going to put it away.

    I'd been waiting to shut the garage door, then thought I could put the pushcair away and went to run past the car in front of me and eldest grand daughter who didn't see me coming opened the car door and send me flying!

    Got a couple of nice bruises on both thighs and hit my chin on the wood that surrounds her patio! Quite a bit of blood, thought at first it might require stitches but taped it up and it is fine.

    Didn't do any driving after that, no run from me today, will just go for coffee! What one will do for a rest dayimage

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    evening all

    hi 40 mins!

    oh dear nzc, what a shocker hope you are ok

    blisters thats some swimming  

    hd  agreat run tonight, did 5.25 in 45 mins, with 2 miles at tempo and the last half mile I blasted it, felt good!


    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Oh heck NZC. Hope you are ok otherwise 

    Take care now for rest of today and poss tomorrow. Gee the things we do to get out of training 

  • Ay up, 40 minutes! Blast from the past as Stickless and I are back, too, as team Kingfisher for the SLMM image

    I hope to be more responsive to other people's posts when I am back in NL, these have been busy days. So for now, just my news:

    What: 36' nice and slow

    Why: not much more time before having to leave room and talk to more people

    Last hard: friday

    Last rest: monday

    Interview went well (and that has been confirmed by 2 sources already), and I enjoyed talking to various people, both in officially scheduled and more impromptu meetings. There is a PhD student here who did her first degree in Leuven, so we had a nice Flemish chinwag. I should hear in about a week. If I don't get the job, it just means they found someone even better than me image

    Long flight back through the night, so I am glad to have had some exercise today
  • Oh dear NZC, that must hurt! Poor thing!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    NZC - ouchie, hope you are not too bruised!
    40 - good to see you back!
    Blisters - nice work in the pool
    training update - well made the club session, pyramids (on boggy grass), 200, 400, 600, 800, 1k & back down with 200 recoveries. Wore spikes even then it was a bit heavy going on the legs. Tea time now.....

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