Tuesday 12th February 2013



  • Well, well, well: good to see you 40!! Any races planned? Sub 40?!

    And how are the solar panels? Those in the north-west are struggling! Suspect you have a better location!

    What: another 20 mins/3k in the bank

    Why: trying to gain some sort of post Achilles op fitness.

    And oh dear NZC!
  • Glad no major damage NZC

    Welcome back 40, good to have you on board again.


  • Have you forgotten, 40: you are supposed to indicate whether or not you know the lyrics!
  • No hadn't forgotten the lyric torture - nothing's changed in that regard, I've still no idea!

    Spot of serious illness a couple of years ago followed by Achilles (again) and Hamstring (a new one for me) injuries last year have combined with advancing Vet status to slow me down a bit.  Have just entered the Bideford half marathon (March), last time I ran that I got sub-90, this time probably 5 minutes slower!

    10K Easter Monday, possibly a marathon later in April.


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