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I currently do quite a bit of running and am thinking of having a go at a Novice Tri in May, but I am worried I have too much work to do to get good enough. I can swim 200m in 6 minutes, I can run 2K in 12 mins and cycle 10k in 40 minutes. Do you think i have enough time to get these down to a more respectable level by May. By the way at the moment the gears on my bike are not working so when these are fixed it should help 




  • it depends what you mean by "respectable".   to be honest the first few tris you do at a novice/sprint level are learning curves as to what you can do and see how you get on in terms of times and experience.  once you have a baseline to work from then you will know where you need to make improvements

    just do as much training as you can and give it a go

  • Thanks Buddha, I am happy to be in the last few finishers but do not want to be last by a very large margin.It is really the cycling that worries me the most.

  • Have a look at beginner triathlete if you feel a structured programme will help. You have a good start point and 12 weeks should give you time. Just be realistic about the results... What tri you aiming to do?

  • there is always something that worries a novice triathlete and until you give it a go, don't worry where you'll finish.

    you'll be heartily surpised to see that even the last finishers get a huge applause when they finish - it's a very welcoming and inclusive sport. 

    my wife and I are BTF officials so we referee the sport - as part of our remit we have to stay on duty until the last athlete finishes, and we will always give that person (every finisher in fact) a big cheer.   and from last there is only one way forward - not to be last next time!

  • Thanks everyone for your help.I am looking at the Winchester Try a tri event. I have a training plan that I will start on next week.

  • ah - good luck with that one - we reffed at it last year!  it's a nice little starter event with loads of novices doing it.  just hope it's a bit warmer this year - it was cold and wet last year which took some of the gloss off the fun

  • I did a super sprint as my first tri last year.... On no training with a weeks notice! Pretty much everyone there was new to the sport and the range of bikes (and time spent putting lip gloss on) made me chuckle! But everyone finished and the crowd were brill. It helped as there was a sprint that set off just after us, so you even the last person didnt look like they finished last.... If that makes sense! Go for it, you may well catch the bug! X
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