Foot feels like it's wet and squijy + pins and needles

I am a relatively new runner. I couldn't run more than a mile 3 months ago when I first started due to shin pains, but I am pretty much over that now and run 5 miles twice weekly as I am training for a 10k in March.

However, about 3 miles into my run, normally downhill my right foot starts with what I can only describe as a cross between pins and needles, and it being wet through and squijy! The pain tends to go on the flat and uphill which is just a bit concerning as it feels as if my foot has been drained of blood! Sometimes I have to stop and shake my foot about a little for the feeling to return. My trainers aren't overly tight that I know of.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks image


  • My first guess would be your feet going forward in your shoes.  Google lace tying for trainers and you'll see a method for stopping the slide, there may be an article on here somewhere.

  • Thanks JF50! I just googled it and found this thread on this very website which I will review and report back...


  • I can confirm that 2 further runs after a re-lace I am still suffering my pins and needles and lack of feeling in my feet. I am wondering whether my trainers are generally a bit too tight around the front of my feet as I do have quite wide feet? I was originally assessed on a treadmill, advised and fitted by where I bought them.

    Any further advice would be very much appreciated as I have my first 10k in less than a month.

  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭

    Is it just one foot? You could have a disc problem that is exacerbated by running

  • It was just one foot until my last run on Monday where it was both. I've never had any back problems in my life.

    I'm due to go out running later, so I'll see if the problem persists.

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