New beginnings

Ok, where to start..

Im 42, overweight, and underfit! I havent run in years (about 20)

Back in the day, I used to run a lot, but with no structure, and could do a half marathon in slightly under 1:30:00 which in hindsight Im bloody proud of.

Unfortunately, a nasty injury curtailed my running, and football for a long time, every time Ive tried to start again Ive not cut it, and am now at about the unfittest Ive ever been, and I find it more than a bit depressing image

I need advice on how to start again, what to do, how often etc

Thanks for reading


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Are you making the mistake of trying to run like you used to do?  In your 20s you probably had a lot of "natural" fitness from other activities, as you probably walked and ran around a lot more than you currently do.

    You need to start slowly, as in the last twenty years your muscles etc have become accustomed to a more sedntary way of life.  Following a C25K (couch to five kilometer) plan is a good start - it starts you with defined run & walk periods and stops you trying to do too much too soon.  The most common cause of injury is trying too hard in the first few months, so take it easy and just see what you're currently capable of. 

  • I havent started because I wanted clear advice/goals as im conscious of denting my resolve by not living up to expectations. I currently have no aspirations apart from wanting to improve my level of fitness image

    Where would I find a couch to 5k guide?

    And thankyou for the response image

    The above site is the nhs homepage.

    Start slow and don't get carried away, to much to early just leads to Injury which slows everything down. Amazing what a difference getting running again can do for your body
  • Hello,

    I found an app called '5k runner' which sounds similar to the NHS plan mentioned above. I found it quite useful. You do have to run with headphones but it tunes into your music to tell you when to start and stop for a graded run-walk programme that builds up over the weeks.

    Good luck image
  • I'm in a similar boat to yourself, 42, overweight, under fit, serious(ish) knee injury a few years ago that curtailed any physical acticity I did. The only difference is that it sounds like you were once fit while I've always erred on the side of couch potato image

    Anyway being a 42 year old father of a toddler made me realise that I needed to get fit so I started the C25K program in November and after the first couple of weeks thought 'I don't need this I'm going to run at my own pace'

    Have a guess what happened next image

    Anyway I picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and do week 5 run 3 tonight which appears to be 20mins straight....

    My advice is stick to the program, remember your age and book an event. I'm doing one of the Resolution Run 5km runs in 6 weeks and it's a massive motivation.

    Anyway, good luck!

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