Advice for tonight please.

Chain of events :-

1) Doing Manchester 10k on the 26th May.

2) Up to Wk5/D2 of the C25k programme.

3) Injured my right knee ligament 3 weeks ago, had a weeks lay off and returned.

4) Upon return injured my left knee ligaments and tonight is a week since i ran.

I feel I am losing time badly and the date of the race is fast approaching. I am unfit and really coming from the couch literally after years of curry and kebabs.

My left knee still hurts a little but I feel I could run on it and see how it goes.

A) Should I run or simply leave it a few days more and be set back further.

B) Do i realistically still have time to get to 10k by the 26th May as I fear I am running out of time.


  • I don't think you're out of time yet.  Don't panic.

    No need to run with a knee that's not recovered.

    When you had a week out with your other knee, did you 'go back a week' in the programme, or were you impatient?!

    Take it steady. Consider some low impact exercise like cycling or swimming - to keep you moving whilst your legs recover.

    Be gentle with those knees, ankles, ligaments etc. They take time to adjust to the repetitive impact of jogging and running.  But you do have time so long as you don't set yourself back by "trying to run before you can walk"!   Good luck

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