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I am using my Nike + sensor in a pair of Nike Pegasus+ trainers that I have just bought with a nano 7th Gen.

I tried to calculate the distance of my daily run using a few map sites and they all say 4.41 to 4.47 miles. The first run with nike plus said 3.84 the second said 4.04 (I had not calibrated it).

Anyway, I looked at a 1/2 mile route using map my run and then tried to calibrate the sensor. I ran the route until the voiceover told me that calibration was complete and it appeared as if I had run over 50 yards more than suggested by the end point on the map. On a plus, the trainers are very comfy.....

Does anyone have any ideas? What do I believe, the map or the nike+???


  • I'd go with the map. I didnt find Nike+ to be that reliable. If you have a smart phone - use a GPS app for your runs. Much more accurate.
  • Agree with cougie. I found Nike+ very inaccurate and upgraded to garmin as soon as I could. Believe the map!

  • The problem with Nike+ is that it relies on the shoepod to be accurately calibrated more or less before each run. This is a major problem especially if you complete different types of workouts at different speeds, so your feet may strike the ground more or less often, affecting the outcome.

    I ran a half marathon a few years ago with Nike+ and it thought I'd run an extra mile despite me keeping a very good racing line to avoid increasing the distance.

  • Nike+ does not require calibration before each run at all.  It's becomes flaky when pace and gradient vary, though on the whole I find it to be within 2% of GPS, which is itself inaccurate.

  • Thanks all!

    As I run the same route through the winter (three or four days a week anyway). I will try the calibrate button after my next run and make the thing believe it has run 4.47 miles to see if that improves the readings.

    I shall post back the results.

  • Well...  I ran my usual route, 4.47 miles in 37. something mins and then 'Calibrated' the iPOD Nike+ thingy (as it suggested I had only run 3.3 miles).

    I have had another run on the same course and... the thing told me I had run 4.49 miles.  I'll try again tomorrow to confirm it wasn't a fluke.

  • Sunday - 5.46 miles.  Nike+ mileage = 5.33

    Monday - 4.47.  Nike + mileage = 4.56

    It seems reasonably close now....

  • Mine seems to be off on longer runs these days.  The last 2 long runs I've done have been 3k and 2.5k out according to the map (nike+ being more generous) although it seems to be ok when I do 10k on known routes image I'm wondering if my stride length is the problem when I get tired, or if it's just gubbed after a year of use and I should shell out for a gps device since I don't own a smartphone image

  • Well I've had the nike+ GPS tomtom watch and i absolutely love it. I agree that using only the footpod it isn't that accurate but with the GPS as well it's brill and you can connect a polar heart monitor as well! It has really improved my motivation and ability to stay on top of what I'm doing
  • I've been very happy with my Nike+ watch and footpod.  It's to within a couple of metres of the My.Asics GPS app.  Only issue I have is with using the footpod on its own.  Tried it on a treadmill a couple of weeks back.  Nike said I had run 5 miles, when I only did 3 and as a result completely smashed my PB for 1k, 1 mile and 5k.

    Had to delete the run, although I did quite enjoy having a 4:31 mile on my watch for a short time

  • I was the exact same on a treadmill so i just stick to using it outside
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