Hello, i'm a newbie after some advice please.

Hi all,

Started a running club in the new year. We began with walking for 4 mins and jogging for 2, we are now up to running for 6 mins and walking for 2. This is every Wednesday and I find it gives me great motivation. Only problem is I want to try and get out 3 times a week. I don't have anyone else to go out with and when I try to go out myself I can't last more than one 5 min run! I just get so tired very quickly.  I'm unsure what the problem is, I think it must be in my mind and be the "security blanket" of having others in the same boat as me.

Would anyone have any advice? I've tried listening to music and making sure i'm running at the same pace I am with the group but nothing helps.

Was thinking of downloading a hypnosis download to help but they all look like a scam to be honest. Its not the motivation I have a problem with, its the continuation after i've started.

Thanks in advance!


  • Suzanne it does tend to feel easier running with people.
    Can i ask, do you chat while you run? If so you may be running your solo runs slightly too fast as you have no one to talk to which will keep you at a nice slow pace.
    Conversly, its also easier to push yourself harder with other people as its a sort of minor competitive thing.
    You should catch up eventually though, try not to compare the two sorts of runs, just enjoy getting out, and dont punish yourself if you dont do the same.
    As you do more runs you will find that no two runs are the same anyway and you will have good days and bad days
    Have you checked to see if there is a parkrun near you that you could attend? www.parkrun.org.uk
    they are very beginner friendly even if you are doing a walk run program and you will have another day to run with other people?

  • Thanks for your help Max's Mum, i've checke dthe Parkrun website and looks like there is one next to me but don't have anyone to go with. Will be brave one Sat and go alone when I can run for a little longer than 6 mins at a time lol.

    I think to begin with I was going too fast on my own but I really slowed it down last night and managed five 3 min runs with 2mins walk inbetween, not as great as i'm doing with others but still went out.

    Tonight will be a challenge, first time out in awfull weather, i'm ready to go though, loving the motivation running has been giving me! image

  • Hi Suzanne, dont be worried about going on your own! Usually they are all pretty friendly - which one is closest to you?
    If its quite a large one, you will find all sorts of abilities there - our local one has children as young as 5 running, people doing walk-jog programs, all the way up to olympians!
    It may be worth making yourself known to the volunteers/run director as a newbie and they should take pity on you image
    They may be able to find someone happy to help and run with you for your first couple of times.
    Parkrun ethos is that everyone is welcome!
    well done for going out in awful weather tonight, dont expect miracles, just get your head down, do your time and get home again - dont worry about the time.
    remember, no matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the sofa!

  • Suzanne. I'm exactly the same. I joined a club this year and can now run nearly 6 miles non stop with them. Yet when I run by myself at the weekend I struggle to even make it to 1 mile without wanting to walk. I realised when on my own I run alot faster then when I'm chatting with others. I found not listening to music helped as I wasn't feeling the need to run to the beat.

    Hope it helps to know it isn't just you image

  • this is the one that keeps me motivated!

    cheesy but it works!



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