JCC 3 Marathons in 3 Days 2013

Hey  - I couldn't find a forum for this event?? I've never attempted more than 1 marathon before so just wondering if anybody else out there has done this? How they found it? Any hot tips re training?  I am using an adapted training plan - loosely based  on my previous marathon schedule, with a few Back2Backs and B2B2B runs thrown in??  I know this event is next month so well into the countdown..  I am in the process of sorting kit to take so also curious about your thoughts on wet weather gear and running packs?? Cheers and happy training! image


  • Hi Cate

    I did this event in 2010, there are a few pre-existing threads about, you just might have to trawl a bit more. Its a bit late for training tips, but for what its worth:

    Prepare yourself for mud and lots of it! Don't expect to get anywhere near the time you would get on a road marathon. And perhaps most importantly, don't go out too fast on day one, remember you have 3 days to complete and those that go too fast on day 1 will still be in their beds on day 3!!!

    I used a cheapo back pack (you only need to carry 500ml water as there are plenty of check points) and took a gore tex jacket and water proof trousers for emergencies (invaluable on day 3 when the mist came down on the cliffs and it was freezing cold),

    Good luck with it, its a great event, but you have to pace yourself for the 3 days.

  • Hey Tigerspaw - thanks yep you're right - it's only just over a month away now so not long and really over the peak in training.. I searched JCC and couldn't find the threads.. will have another good trawl.. THanks for your comment.. very sound advice and I am doing lots and LOTS of mud running - hate it but I figure no avoiding it! image 

  • Yes, there is lots of mud. . . .lots and lots of it.
    And it appears that the mud on the Dorset coast path is slippier than anywhere else!
    I have been training over there recently and if it doesnt dry up in time, i may need to invest in some mudclaws or similar just to stay upright!
    This weekend, intended to do Durlston to Worth, only got a mile and a half and turned back, due to falling over about 8 times or every 200 yards it felt like!

  • OH Max'x mum - that is awful! I know how you feel  - mud can make  me tearful now - just hate the stuff, and boy does it sap the energy out of you!! We seem to have thick 'sucking type mud' .. might need new shoes too!

  • sounds pathetic i know, but honestly it was like Bambi on ice! (prob should have had someone film it for YBF!)
    I dont mind mud normally, quite happily tramp through loads of it, but this was just taking the 'p'! image
    i'll have to monitor the coast path condition and report back nearer the time. As we live in the area I was planning on doing most of my long run training over there if i can. mind you not many long runs left now. . .

  • On the subject of gear - For any ladies that are interested i have just found a Ronhil Trail Tempest Ladies for sale online at Gear For Girls for the rediculously cheap price of £73.95 (normal price £140) - might be worth investing in. . . .

  • Did anyone compete in this years event?? I ran it last year and absolutely loved it! Such a well organised event, and the terrain is just epic!

    I was out at Portland Bill cheering the guys on on Saturaday, and i could barely stand up due to the strong winds, so HUGE respect for those who completed..

    How'd you get on?

  • I only did day 3 which was bad enough! Hats off to all those that did all three days!

    cold, windy, the hills were steep and the mud was deep! thats all i have to say about that image

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