Treadmill advice.........please help!

Hi Any advice welcome. I train regularly outdoors but run my own business, have two small children and my husband works offshore so for those weeks on my own I need to invest in a treadmill so I can still fit in some training. The treadmill market is a minefield. Currently there are half price offers on machines normally retailing at 800 and now around the 400 mark. These are Reebok ZR7 and ZR8 at ??500, Roger Black silver,, York Aspire and Proform 400. All are relatively similar in spec, folding,motorised, similar speed capabilities and a variety of user programmes and incline %. I appreciate there are better quality machines out there at bigger prices but I can't justify this when it will only be used half the year. Any brands better or more reliable than others? Or any specific models you would recommend. Don't want to make the wrong choice. Thank you :0)


  • I have a roger black treadmill and its still going well after 8 years, folds away,goes upto 7.5mph, just open the front and dust every now and again.....can't knock it, great value also.

    Purchased 8 years ago though you may get better models for Better value, hopefully you will get more responses to guide you but as said the roger black has done me very well
  • I suggest you try before you buy and see how they feel. I went to a few different shops before upping my budget a bit!

    There is a world of difference in them. Most shops seem to have permanent half price offers. I had pretty much decided on a Nordic Track until I went to the shop and ended up with a Horizon but it all depends on how much you can spend.


  • My wife bought a Reebok I-run, its a nice bit of kit and I occasionally use it. It folds up but weighs a ton and is so so big. You can pick them up on ebay for £150 - 200.

  • Thank you all....good to get different feedback. The problem is finding somewhere to try them out....never realised this would be such a task!
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