New to this and having issues with my leg!! advice please :-)

Hi all, 

I am hoping for some guidance, i have only been running for 2 weeks and  go 5 times a week, i cover 2 miles using a run-walk-run technique. After Sunday's run, my calf muscle on the inside of my right leg began to ache and feel stiff, which then worked it's way up to my knee, it is not so painful but more of a stiff, dull ache feeling, i took yesterday off to see if i could shake it off, but it has persisted, after seeing that it had not really eased, i took a trip to my Dr's to seek some professional advice as 15 years ago i had my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstructed, and it is this knee that is affected. The Dr did a full examination of my leg's and their stability and said that all seemed good and the reconstruction seemed solid, he gave me the go ahead to keep on training and it could just be that it needs extra time to build up strength.

I went on my usual run tonight and after 1 1/2 miles i had to give in and walk the rest home, the discomfort is all up the inside of my calf again, and around my knee, i have iced and stretched and it seems to have eased a bit image, it's definitely not cramp or general aching muscles, it is a different sensation to that.

i did however purchase some new running shoes and wore them the first time on Sunday (when the problems started) could my new shoes be causing this, it somewhat feels like my foot is rolling inwards, i also noticed that my hip felt a bit sore. it is very odd that it is just on one side (right)

has anyone come across this?? and if so, what things can i do to overcome it?? i really don't want to get new shoes, just because of financial restrictions image

Thank you, any input will be greatly appreciated image


  • You've answered your own question in the first 2 lines LR!! image
  • i am not so sure it is because i have just started, it has only just happened (last few days) and i was fine before just achy legs , not the knee issue, i suppose i am worried that my knee will end up dashing my hopes of getting good at this image, this is the first thing that i have done that i have felt so passionately about image

  • Ok we'll the first thing is lots of rest for the time being image

    Then I would probably slow things down and take some more rest days as 5 days a week for someone who's only just started is WAY too much stress, even if you don't think it is! Think of your poor joints and muscles!!

    First things first running is awesome!! if you are willing to stick with it! Hopefully this won't put you off as I'm sure everyone's had their fair share of problems starting off!

    It's up to you how you want to do it but I would recommend following a plan of some sorts, plenty about to choose from for beginners like yourself!
  • Thanks Jason, i probably have been doing more than my body can cope with at the moment, i will rest up and hope it improves image.

    i don't think it will put me offimage i really am enjoying the challenge!

    the discomfort has now moved up in to my hip, so i am thinking that i am a little out of line lol, i had awful issues when i was pregnant with my second and needed to use crutches for the last 5 months of the pregnancy, my pelvis was very loose lol

    i think i may contact my physio and see if she can give me a once over 

    Thanks for your advice

  • LR, i can only advise you on my experience. I started out recently and did two weeks running on the C25k.

    After this my knees began to hurt and that was running three times a week.

    I went to a physio who has basically said, you are running from doing nothing for 20 years, slow down and take it easy.

    I am concerned myself that I wont make my 10k in May especially as i went on to pull my ligaments in both knees.

    Last night i ran after a weeks lay off and knees are sore and feel swollen although on sight they appear fine.

    My physio basically said all running comes from the hips. If your hips and quads are not strong enough then this runs down to your knees and ankles. Of course the same is true in the pain running up your leg.

    I myself as mad as it sounds am relieved that some others have similar aches to me. I think we just need to take it a little slower. Certainly 3 runs a week for a beginner is more than enough.

    I am also with you, i love the running at the moment, and love to see the improvements but i know i need to hang back and do it slowly, and that is the hard bit.

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