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Right so ive entered this years Chester half marathon and when it asked me for an estimated finish time i put 3 hours. I thought being new to running i should at least be able to finish in under 3 hours. I mean i really didn't want to put a quick time when i don't know what i could achieve. So i told my freind and he starting laughing, he said that there are these zone things and i will get put in the fancy dress zone running with big tomatoes and batman and robin. is this true and does it matter and if so can i change my e.f.t. Oh and I've never done a marathon before but just run 7.2 miles in 67mins. Thanks Lee.


  • Hi Lee, If you have just run 7.2 miles in 67 mins, then you would probably expect to be quite a bit quicker than 3 hours, even if you walked the remaining 6 miles! Obviously you've still got time to train, do longer runs, and also improve your speed.

    I don't have all your details, but the runpaces programme I use predicts a 2:13 half marathon from that (it assumes you would be similarly, but appropriately trained for the event - i.e. that you would be at the same level of preparation for 13.1 miles as you were for doing the 7.2). In the intervening months you will probably improve on this.

    Last year 2:13 would have got you apprximately 2500th out of 3500 finishers - last finisher 2:59.

    Yes 3 hours will put you at the back. It's not necessarily a bad thing in your first half though, it may help stop you going off too fast. If it's chip timed it won't really make any difference as it will just measure your time from crossing the start line to crossing the finish. As the race is not massive (eg GNR) it will very soon spread out and you will be able to get a pretty clear run.

    If you do feel you want to move up, you could contact the race organisers and ask them. The other option is to try to jump in to a faster pen on the day - don't know how strictly Chester police theirs. It really annoys me when people who know they are slower jump in to a pen which is too fast for them, but everyone should start in the pen which is appropriate for them, so wouldn't mind you moving up!

    At the end of the day, whatever happens, just go out & enjoy the race - you are going to get a pb!

  • Cheers claret very informative thanks Leeimage
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