runners diarrhea

I have been running for years but have been plagued by runners diarrhea which seems to be pretty common. I live in a rural area, so my routes have always been limited and I have sometimes worried about running with friends as its so embarrasing. I love running so have always found a way round it but it is really annoying and has knocked many a minute off marathon times even with immodium. A friend recommended trying Fybogel which is a bulk forming fibre drink used for people who are constpiated. I was really cynical as my problem is very much the opposite of constpation and I eat a good diet. But I have started taking a sachet every evening and it works. I have been running for 3 weeks now with no toilet stops (even on long runs 15 miles) which I have never done. I am so pleased I am running different routes and feel great. Just wanted to share incase it helps anyone else. I guess the bulk forming stuff stops the diarrhea and it seems to be as simple as that 


  • You can get it from supermarkets or boots. Now I know how well it works for me I have bought it from amazon as it was a bit cheaper so worth shopping around. Good luck!
  • Clare, Thanks for this post.....I'm going to try it and let you know how I get on!

    I'm really glad to hear it has sorted things for you - must be a turning point for your running. image

    I've been exactly the same as you - it's plagued...(dare I say ruined) many races and training sessions for the past 10 years. Hadn't thought of trying Fybogel, but perhaps it works by regulating the bowels properly.

    You cant imagine how glad I will be to run even 3 miles without having to go, so I'm willing to try anything which may work!

    Am hoping they sell it in my local pharmacy.

  • I used to struggle with this, but did some research and altered my diet a bit - turns out if I don't drink coffee before a big run then I don't get a bad tummy.  Who'd have thought it!

  • Will give it a go!!!!

  • Hi there

    Would love to try it as having this problem on my longer runs. Can I ask when you are taking it? Do you take it before a run? Or do you just take it everyday at about the same time?
  • Does it make you...ummm...looser at other times? I really don't tend towards the constipated anyway, so a bit worried trying this would be a bad idea. Bu it would be great ot to have to worry about where the toilets are.
  • Beth - coffee was a killer for me too. Especially the milky versions (latte, etc). Now stick to herbal teas in the morning.

    Clare, as Jindalee askes, did you find you had to take it at a certain time of day, or was it just 'once per day' at any time enough to settle the stomach?

    Just had a diagnosis from docs, explaining my recent exacerbation of runner's hopeful that there will be a decent training run without a pit stop/stomach pain once things return to normal image

  • Having had this problem for over 10 years I am willing to try anything - so will going down to Boots this weekend and try it out on a few runs within striking distance of home/pit stops just in case........

  • A friend of mine uses chia seeds each morning in her cereal and find that solves her toilet issues, no problem!

    Milk certainly seems to upset lots people - I hate the stuff but do use almond milk or coconut milk with my weetabix and I also use chia seeds (supposed to help keep you hydrated and run for ages!)

  • JB - That sounds interesting! where can you buy chia seeds from? I've not heard of them before. Willing to try them to see if they may work. I'm still getting problems about 4 miles in to every single training run, regardless of what I eat in the 24 hours prior to a run. (excuse the pun!)

  • I am on a high protein/low carb diet and am having the same problem... It's becoming really frequent.

    Has anyone else experienced the same? I have read that protein can cause tummy trouble..

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