3:50 Halstead marathon in 13 weeks time?

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I just wanted some advice on whether this is a realistic goal. 

Some background: I ran a trail half marathon last May in 1:52, but then didn't do lads of running until this winter when I've been doing 30+ miles a week for the last three weeks.

My long run on Sunday was 21.3 miles in 3:10, which I felt completely fine during and after, and a recent 'hard' run I've done was 7.4 miles in 57 minutes (7:43 pace). And I did a 3.5Km race on Saturday in 14:30.

I've got two half marathons planned before Halstead so I suppose they will give me a better indication, but I just wondered if 3:50 is a realistic goal for 13 weeks time? I can run 4 or 5 times a week. If its thought I wouldn't make that time I'll probably wait and do one in Autumn instead, but I was sort of hoping for a good for age place in VLM next year! (Which was 3:50 this year I think.)

Thanks for any experience or advice you guys can give!



  • Halstead isn't the easiest of marathons, your long run on Sunday was it on flat or hills?

  • It was flat which is a big worry because I live in zone 1 so not really any hills around to practice on, but I can get them in on long runs if I try. But the half I did before had hills to a similar extent as Halsted and I found them OK. Do people do Halstead slower than other marathons in general then?  

  • Hi rr - How's the plan going ? I was looking for a Halstead forum but there doesn't seem to be a recent one.

    I'm planning to use Halstead as a sensibly paced last long run before an ultra early in June, so will be aiming for around 3.50 too. Your pace looked like that ought to be achievable.

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