bumbag for ultramarathon


Im going to do my first ultra soon, its 40 miles and has aid stations but I need to take along gels, spare socks, a water bottle...maybe a map...you get the idea! The problem is I just don't like running with a back pack, Im quite small and they never fit, my next step is to try a bumbag, can anyone recommend one that isn't too bulky, has a water bottle and doesn't move around? I have never used one before.

Thanks for your help in advance!



  • inov-8 race elite 3. On sale at Pete Bland at the moment.

  • Thanks, I heard someone talking about that...they said it was really unbalanced on the hips....?

  • if you want a small backpack with a womens fit - Deuter speedcross 10? - very small, very light



  • I've read some good reviews of Flip Belt http://www.flipbelt.com/the-flipbelt/ 

    I haven't tried it for myself yet but do have one on order so will let you know!

  • How about a nice runner's rucksack instead of a fanny bag. Far more fashionable.
  • OMM Ultra Pack - good waist belt. I had one for ages, but I found the bottle cage tore with a full bottle in it after relatively short time. Other than that, it was stunningly good. Now got a £12 one from Northern Runner - no bottle holder, but you can get a holder that will go on the belt - that's what I've done when I needed it.

    Saying which, running my first ultra in June, planning on using an OMM Last Drop, my home-to-work pack, think it will fit quite small (though I'm tall and broad, so I can't really check myself).

  • Rebecca , try the Nathan backpack, its designed for female shoulder width. im very small and i love the Nathan vest.image


  • Thanks for the advice...back packs...I really dont like them but maybe the Nathan backpack..is it a vest? I much prefer the idea of a bumbag but yes I wont be that fashionable! Ill train under the cover of darkness...

  • I use the Inov-8 Race Pro 4 with the hydration bladder and hose thingy (like a camel pak).  There's plenty of space for your kit and water in there and I find it well balanced around my waist.  I used it all through marathon training and for the marathon too. 

    I hate running with back packs too, just rubs on my shoulders and makes my back sweaty...

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/untitled_28.png

    this is the nathan vest rebecca


  • The inov8 race elite 3 is pretty good in my opinion, as long as you don't run with a bottle in the bottle holder. I usually carry the bottle and keep munchies in the actual bottle holder. I've had to fashion a lid though to stop my them bouncing out.

    I like it, certainly just the right size far full waterproofs, scran, and your essentials.
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