• there were some waterproof breathable jackets reviewed and tested in the Trail Running Mag recently and the best ones they reckoned were the Montane Minimus, and the Ron Hill Trail Tempest. round about £140 each although i have seen the Ronhill one on Amazon for under £120

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    I've got a Gore Running Wear windstopper jacket (not the same one as listed) and also an older eVent jacket (made by Gill).  For running the windstopper seems to be the better compromise between waterproofing and breathability - I found the eVent jacket to warm and sweaty for running (admittedly it is a cycling jacket).  So I wouldn't buy a Gore-Tex jacket for running.




  • I don't think goretex can cope well with the amount of sweat you'll make when running.
  • I got the Mythos Goretex Active Jacket in flourescent yellow at Christmas, which i think is similar.  It is brilliant for running in, and I wear it now on every run (rain or no rain) for it's windproofness from 5K to 13 miles so far.  I've had no isses with sweat building up in it and it is very light yet very waterproof.  On the one occasion I got too hot it is comfy to run in unzipped.

  • thats great guys, thanks for the info. i'll look into the montane and ron hill ones too

  • I have this one - it's excellent, does the job of cutting out the wind and keeping off the rain.  It's unfeasibly light image so much so if feels very strange to hold a jacket that doesn't seem to weigh anything. I've had mine for around 1 year and I've never regretted spending the money on it.  Despite its lightness, it seems to be built to last.,default,pd.html?dwvar_JWLXRU_color=7461&start=13&cgid=grw-men-geartype-jackets-jackets

    Regarding breathability, I've not experienced any problems with it, even when running in warmer weather.

  • I have the first one that you linked to. It is a great lightweight jacket. Comfortable to run in, and smart enough to wear around and about. Very limited storage with the one pocket. Screws up really small to stow away if needed.

    I would wear it in wet conditions / windy conditions on recovery runs, and long slow runs. If you are going to do anything speedy, then you will get wet / sweaty - you will steam cook from the inside. You might as well put it aside and stick a vest on. But day to day bimbling about, it is great

  • I have a Gore Mythos Gortex jacket, I gave it to my mum though, while the jacket looks good it is far heavier and less breathable than the Montane Minimus! I'd save my money and just go with the latter it has the advantage of a hood too!

  • Can't see why,light weight cheapo one with long sleeve helly Henson top under has got me though everything the weather can throw at me...your going to get wet whatever you use..

    But then again Iam too tight to buy a goretex one..
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    I see that sweatshop are having a sale starting on the 8th of March of new balance new gear, so their posh jacket instead of £60 will be £30 from the 8th of March.


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