How long do HR monitor batteries last?

I started using mine before Christmas and it seems to be playing up now - keeps stopping (and its not the cold because I'm inside)


  • I'd take it back. Batteries should last at least a year - this sounds like its a duff one ?

    Are you dampening the belt before use to make sure of good contact ?
  • Doesn't it depend on how much you use it?

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    I've had two garmin watches supplied with HR belts, and both had very disappointing battery life when first purchased.  However they both lasted much longer after the first replacement.  I think they drain a bit during "storage" so when you get them out of the packaging the battery is no longer fully charged.

    If its a user changeable battery (e.g. a CR2032) it seems a bit over the top to send it back (and the postage would be more than a battery)

  • stutyr wrote (see)


    If its a user changeable battery (e.g. a CR2032) it seems a bit over the top to send it back (and the postage would be more than a battery)

    Unless its a fault with the belt causing the battery to drain??

    I had to change the battery in mine for the first time last month - but then I bought it in Nov 2009!!

  • I got at least 5 years out of my Polar watch bit (I think they say you should expect this lifetime on 1 hour a day) and sent the chest monitor in at the same time.  They sent the watch back with a new battery and a note to say they'd checked the monitor and it didn't need changing.  

  • My suunto watch batteries seems to last a maximum of 4 months

  • It figured about it 'leaking' because I bought it ages ago and only started using it in Dec. probably wont be much to replace
  • Is it a garmin?

    You are presuming the battery becuase it is playing up. Is it erratic or just not recording? If erratic google garmin HR issues, if it is jsut not picking up then return it especially if you have only had it a couple of months it is not your problem it is the retailers.

    The HR on garmin is not a patch on the HR on polar. I use both as turbo only supports polar. The Garmin seems to regularly play up. Shirt material and presumably static build up seems to give erratic results. Garmin seems to take time to settle in whereas polar is at expected HR from the first minute.

    Have had batteries last at least 3+years in Garmin and only on second polar battery in nearly 10-years.

    Some seem to indicate clearing Garmins memory can give better reuslts for the HR reliability.



  • yup, loads of different forum comments out there about Garmin HR erraticness (?).

    I've tried every remedy I've seen and none of them has provided a long term solution - and it's out of warranty now so I can't change it. The only thing which does seem to help (but not always) is making sure it's very tight.

  • Yeah - definitely erratic rather than failing battery, I think, because on today's 3 hour turbo (you like how I slipped that in? image) after the first 20 min it didn't stop once, and yet stopped quite a few times earlier in the week.

    No difference in setting or sweating, just, well erratic!

  • I have my Garmin sensor on a polar strap which seems to have cured any issue I've had with it in the past. That and making sure I wet the contacts before putting it on.

    I did have one high reading at the start of a run, but that was only as the strap had come undone whilst I was fiddling with it

  • Britrisky, i had exactly the same problem with my Garmin which i have had for 11 months. The watch stopped picking up the HRM. I replaced the battery but still nothing. Garmin were brilliant though, still under warranty and they sent a replacement strap and unit in 2 days, i did not even have to return the faulty unit
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