scary food

i love sushi. but i draw the line at octopus. i am afraid that it will come alive in my stomach and suck my insides and kill me.

which food are you afraid of?


  • human.

    They always kick up such a fuss....

  • that's true. i'm also scared of cauliflower a bit. looks like brain.

  • booktrunk wrote (see)


    They always kick up such a fuss....

    Haha! image

    I've got a bit of a food phobia about egg whites. I can eat scrambled egg and omelettes no problem, but really can't bring myself to eat fried, poached or boiled eggs. The whites are so slimy and disgusting, especially boiled eggs - they look like eyeballs image 


  • hehe.

    I have no problems with eggs. I have six ex-battery hens, I did have eight but two have sadly gone to the big wheely bin in the sky....

    Love having my own eggs costs about £12 a month to feed the hens, and I have more eggs then I ever need and give half a dozen away once every week or two to one or two neighbours.

  • I am afraid of bananas.

  • I won't eat shellfish.

    About 10 years ago I ate some mussels in a hotel in France and was violently sick about an hour later. Very unpleasant, so I don't take any chances now.

  • Just bananas literatin or just phallic shaped things in general?
  • She only said that she was afraid of them... Not that she didn't open wide and think of England
  • Just bananas. Cucumbers, courgettes, carrots etc. are all fine.

  • celery

    it's devil's food - needs to be banned from the planet

    anything else is fine

  • Brussels sprouts are the Devil's testicles.


  • fat buddha wrote (see)


    it's devil's food - needs to be banned from the planet

    anything else is fine

    Yes. It is the vegetable of the anti-Christ. Evil incarnate. It has no right to exist.

  • No, surely that vegetable is okra?

  • ive always been uncertain about sweetcorn!!

    theres something i dont trust about it.

    plus its pointless food that should be just given to fishimage

  • milk - freaks me out - the very thought of it.  (never mind the smell and taste etc- yuck)

  • Jason, I totally agree about sweetcorn .... anything that can pass through the human digestive system and remain intact surely has something of the devil about it !


  • Jerusalem Artichokes - what evil b*****d thought eating those was a good idea???

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Diced carrot - no-one eats it but it's always there.......
  • fat buddha wrote (see)


    it's devil's food - needs to be banned from the planet


    Totally agree.

    Bananas are the only other one, texture and taste makes me feel ill but really wish I could eat them as it would make pre and post swims a whole lot easier.

  • LOL Womble!

    I think that the violent-sick reaction to food poisoning is enough to make most people think twice about certain foodstuffs.
    -Prawn mayonnaise sandwiches do that for me.

    -But if I am the one to prepare the prawns then I'm happy. Similarly with mussels. Eating raw oysters is a bit like playing Russian roulette. They are massively over-rated too.
    I will also go out of my way to avoid eating in a Macdonalds or a Little Chef.

    But foods that frighten me? Sorry, I just don't get the concept. It's like a child asking me what's my favourite number or favourite colour. I see numbers and colours. I wouldn't choose a yellow car, but then again I'd be suspicious of a blue daffodil.

  • POO CAKE FROM IKEA??!! image


  • i'll eat pretty much anything, however I tried "Balut" in the Philippines, i dont think i'd eat that again,  

  • They had that in Vietnam and often sold them on the trains.  I sat next to someone who was eating one.  *Shudders*

  • Balut - I had to look that one up image.  While doing so, I found this 

  • I like the sound of the ant eggs.  I missed out on ant egg soup when I went to Laos but didn't see it on a menu anywhere.

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