Arch pain, numb toes due to new shoes...


I recently changed my trainers from Ascis (Kinsei 3) to Adidas (Glide 5) following gait analysis at my local Sweat Shop. I mentioned that I suffer from archillies tendonitis every now and then, hence why I was recommended that I change...

Anyway, since day 1 i have had arch pain in my left foot, and numb toes in both. Also, my front of shin also aches. Just been for a 6mile run, and my left foot is sore, and its 3 hrs later.

Will my body adjust? Or have they recommended the wrong pair of shoes?


  • No. Don't wear them and go back to the shop. Either wrong shoes or wrong size. Shoes don't hurt when new.
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    As I suspected, they come with a 30 day guarentee so will make full use of that.

    So annoying that you invest money and time getting the right footwear, only for them to cause more harm than the previous ones that were only fit for the bin.


  • As PSC said. But also, did you ever have any problems (excluding the occaisional achilles tendonitis) with your original Kinsei's.  If the answer is no and you've always had them before, stick with them.

    If you want a proper gait analysis, go and see a professional, not a salesman.

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  • The issues I had previously were:-



    Big toe hurt when increasing distance

    and ITBS

    So for with these shoes, i've not experinced any of these but then again, i've only had them two weeks. I'm going to go out for an hour tonight with the laces a bit looser (excuse grammer), if they still cause problems then I'll be heading back to SS tomorrow at 9am image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Personally I find Adidas shoes very narrow for my wide feet so maybe that is an issue.

    As others have said, if your old shoes worked for you then just buy more of the same.

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    My feet are v narrow, so these actually fit me better than my previous ones (although my arches might beg to differ!)

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