Arm pain when running

Hi All,

I'm training for the London Marathon and have recently been experiencing pain in my left arm when running. I ran 18 miles with a lucozade bottle in the same hand for the whole distance and its now been 2 weeks and I haven't been able to shake off the pain. It feels like a dull ache in the outside of my upper bicep and a slight pain in my shoulder. I've been on a few short runs since the 18 mile and if i straighten my arm out and shake it about a bit then the pain subsides for a minute or so but then reoccurs. Any advice? Many thanks. 


  • swap hands regularly during run


  • wonder!

    You've spent 3 hoursish with your shoulder scrunched up holding onto a bottle. The nerve that runs through the muscle and down your arm is put under similar and unaccustomed strain - it doesn't like it.....

    Don't stretch your arm, but improve the mobility of your thoracic spine a la roller and run tall - which is hard on long runs. Physio can help..

    ....and don't run holding a bottle image

  • I always said that Lucozade was bad for you!image

    Get a bottle belt for training.  No need for it at VLM as they hand water out every 50 yards!

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