After finding that I was not the only one who follows Biathlon from another thread I thought I would start a new thread where we can talk Biathlon.

So who else marvals at the speed, endurance and skill of the sportimage



  • Don't you have some work to do David or are you a teacher on half term.

    But to answer your question, no its about skiing and guns. Surprisingly we British are not very good at it.

  • Been watching Biathlon for well over ten years. It is quite simply the most entertaining sport to watch bar none. The world championships have been really exciting. The finish of the men's pursuit race was so tense. I'm a Svendsen fan so was happy to see him edge out Fourcade in a photo finish.

    The races are all on Eurosport and can be on at all different times so I have my TiVo box record it automatically whenever it is being shown. Great to watch for inspiration before going out for a run.
  • SR, me too - I think biathletes have to be just about the fittest athletes on the planet, especially if you look at someone like Ole-Einer who was my idol for years. Love the sport, it's fabulous to watch, in all its variations. I especially like the pursuit, the mass start, and have now even warmed to the mixed relay.

  • I need to get a TiVo box for just this as I miss half the races, is it the pursuit and mass starts this weekend ?


  • my ex was the scottish champion at it i.e. she was the only scottish person to do it.

    she was into trampolining for the same reason.

  • Its such an intense sport, you have the likes of Gossner who is by far the fastest skier this year but she has real melt down when shooting. But when she gets it right no one can touch her. Ole-Einer is nearly 40 and still going and a couple of years agohe could mix it with the cross counrty skiers.

  • the dude abides wrote (see)

    my ex was the scottish champion at it i.e. she was the only scottish person to do it.

    she was into trampolining for the same reason.

    That would make one heck of a triathlon!  You could do the shooting bit whilst bouncing up and down.

    I'm sure I've read of cross-country skiers having the highest VO2 max on average from various studies of different elite athletes or summink.  I'd love to give that a proper go, but if my clay pigeon experience is anything to go by, my biathlon performance would be pants!  image

  • I think we have the mass starts and the men's and women's relays coming up this weekend. Ole-Einer is my hero too. Would love to see him win one last time. Maybe he will but I think he should retire at the end of this season. He's done it all and won it all. Neuner retired last year after winning everything at 25! Luckily Tora Berger changed her mind about retiring and came back to take biathlon by storm this year. She is such an inspiration. She gives 100% every time.
  • Shooting with your heart beat at 160 must be really tough. Not to mention winds, the crowds, the tension of the race and icy conditions to contend with.
  • We love the winter sports - we watch them every Saturday morning...I can't wait for the winter Olympics!!  image

  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Shooting with your heart beat at 160 must be really tough. Not to mention winds, the crowds, the tension of the race and icy conditions to contend with.

    Standing shooting especially is tricky even without the high HR and wind etc.  Just hitting 5 targets quickly in a row takes some practice.

    I much prefer the pursuit & mass start races, where the first across the line wins.  The sprint & other timetrial style races don't have the same tension, although I understand why they have to race that way.

  • The Individual is the classic style. The other formats have come in over the years. The mass start is more exciting for TV audiences, as is the pursuit but you couldn't have a pursuit without a sprint race first. Purist of the sport will insist on having an individual which can take a long time to complete but there have been less and less of those races in the biathlon calendar every year.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I heard that the top men bi-athletes are in the 28/29 min 10000m bracket. And the top women at 31/32 min standard.


  • Womens Relay today, another gold for Tora or could be a chance for the Ukranians, France are in with a shout but I am going for Norway Russia Germany in that order

  • Just watched yesterdays Individual. Does anyone know why Svensen wasn't racing?
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Svensen was ill.

  • been seriously considering subscribing to Eurosport to watch this...   trouble is its £10/month for the sky package with Eurosport in it and only £2.99 (ish) to subscribe and watch on a PC.  £84/year is a big diference to watch the same thing.  Sky is a freeking con.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately the broadband connection is more like dial up speed where I live. Perhaps I need to move 15m further north to where you are PSC! 

  • Just watched the Women's relay. What a turn around. Tora Berger is an animal on that last lap.
  • First sign of madness, so they say.
  • I love e biathlon! I bet Tora Berger is pleased she changed her mind about retiring at the end of last season - Norwegian team must be too! I really wanted Henkel to bring it home for a German medal in the relay, but good result for Italy.

    Mass starts tomorrow image
  • I can't help thinking this is a sport you would do if you were not quite good enough at either, that's probably a bit disrespectful to those at the top of the tree but not meant to be
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    At least unlike tri-athlon you can't lose a race because you can't get dressed fast enough or beacause you leave your room untidy.

    You can get disqualified from an event for letting your gun off in a hotel room though.

  • Wrong by a million miles. Biathlon athletes often pick up medals in the other ski events too.
  • Yes that's true, many biathletes race in X-country ski too.

    Sad to see Andrea Henkel retire, she' s been a great servant to the German team over the years, but as she says, the time has come and she doesn't really have anything left to achieve.

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